The Gift Ours Of Each Day

The gift ours of each day You live the life as if each day was better present its? I have made this question to many people, and almost always the reply it is: not. But, it would like to face each day as if it was a gift. But, what to make to move and to be happy? A reply nor always it is simple, as to follow a cake prescription. However, an important step for who desires days better is to live abundantly. If reading you will be to search the meaning of the word abundance in the dictionary, you will among others discover definitions that are ' ' the opposite of escassez' '. From there, to live itself abundantly, it must not have scarcity in no point of the life. As the majority of the inhabitants of the Land it lives in a materialistic world, we hold in them as if everything was material conquests or status that in the light a they. From there, not rare, we abandon basic concepts for a better life, and we concentrate in them in having many goods, as if they were the sufficient one to live ambundantemente.

Therefore, we do not have to forget that abundance, in ample direction does not have to be measured only by what we possuimos, but over all, for the good that we provide the next one. It is undeniable that we live in a society that judges the person on the basis of what it possesss, when the correct one would be, also, to lead in account what it contributes for the sprouting of a better community. We are in becoming the directed people excessively the corporeal properties, as if the happiness depended exclusively on wealth. To the times, when we are very well of life, we estrapolamos, finding that the money in the ones of the domain even on our proper life.