Kathrin Sajid Encryption

But also with the fact that more companies are using sophisticated techniques such as email encryption and identity management based on smart cards or similar authentication mechanisms. Just cases like the WikiLeaks releases have shown now also a broad public that data theft happens often enough by internal. We observe a trend so that businesses encrypt E-Mails not only in communicating with external, but also internal. In the past year, we conducted a project to the internal email encryption for 25,000 users at a major technology company. Other similar projects are available for 2012 already on our agenda. What development do you? The establishment of information security management should become the standard in company systems (ISMS). Safety should be an important component from the outset in IT projects and not, as in the past so many times, after more or less right are flanged. For this purpose it is necessary, that companies build appropriate know how or just buy a external consultants.

This budget should be provided, which are appropriate to the importance of the topic. Its good news for 2012 in the field of IT security? Security in bringing turbulent times on course in calm waters”as a headline in the business section that’s what. More info press contact: Tobias Low main views Agency for public relations of Rossdorfer Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt phone: 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 company contact: Kathrin Sajid applied security GmbH Industriestrasse 16 63811 Stockstadt phone: 0 60 27 / 40 67 0 apsec knowledge protects. Knowledge is the decisive success factor of an enterprise. We develop solutions that make your IT world safe for you. APSEC offers knowledge. Their requirements to the encryption, data loss prevention or the application of digital signatures are our experienced specialists in good hands. APSEC works for you. We offer a complete package from the software development process consulting to support with a single purpose of your satisfaction.