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It makes no sense to lament how what is developed or about to complain that the experts of the past, are the same who today know, why that did not work, what they once preached. We accept that it was, and always will be in future, that it must have been this probably already at the time of Confucius. “How else would the job description for experts: it is easy to be wise for yesterday” originated 3000 years ago. Now, he made no bones about it that he and his listeners with the situation can not be satisfied. “Speech: > we may be not satisfied < he repeated even this statement four times, before he to his fundamental message of I have a dream” came.

We can be not satisfied and waiting for again others tell us what to do tomorrow. We can be not satisfied to stand passively and waiting for what happens next. Why also, each one of us has an idea about how he wants to shape his life. Perhaps it is still not consciously formulated or there are certain fears and blocks before his own ideas. May be you have been bad experiences various projects made, losses must insert or it fears being what others will probably talk. Therefore, have a dream technology is the I”valuable, you can just dare to write down his ideas. Maybe you have sleep a few nights about, often read his own thoughts, and refine.

But it is the point at which you decide to either one doesn’t dare or to tackle it. Speech: > I have a dream < no less than seven times he uttered this sentence and put it very vividly, what he just imagined. It takes a lot courage to loudly proclaim the own ideas, goals and dreams and therefore it is legitimate then to ask how you can bypass that.