The Internet reacted skillfully and was simply renamed the section. “Now the speech is no longer reviews, but the new section called recommends”. How professionally respond to bad reviews reviews are a good tool to attract new guests. Therefore many hoteliers motivate their satisfied guests actively, to leave a feedback on one of the large online portals. But how respond you correctly, if the criticism is not positive? The first step to a negative review should be always checking to determine the reason for this.

It is not uncommon that false expectations reflected in bad reviews. There can be quite an evaluator, who book a design hotel and then criticized the uncomfortable room. You know the reason for a bad rating, then you can react accordingly. It is advisable to investigate whether there exist any similar reviews in other travel forums. Also, the travel agent site can be consulted, whether defects in the House are known.

Earlier complaints can be helpful. In fact only a fraction of the hoteliers reacts to a negative online review. And that, although 80% of users indicate that a hotelier comment “calms them”. The reaction to criticism is a strong indicator of guest orientation and professionalism. The Internet can foster a more informal and shorter writing style as in offline communications. Nevertheless, should be necessarily taken on good style, perfect spelling and grammar, as well as a polite formulation. A hotelier comment is a public business card of the hotel for the many potential clients who read a review and response! Have you checked the negative criticism, proceed as follows: thank the writers for the review and his time. Indicate the writer that you understand him and take his feelings seriously. Apologize honestly, if the above negative aspects correspond to the truth, without thereby defending to argue. Offer a simple, short explanation as to why the criticised aspects exist or existed, if possible. Insure the scribe believable, and thus all readers of the review that all steps have been taken to resolve the problem. To clarify the situation, offer a direct contact between guest and hotel. Close your comment that by using a the constructive / positive aspects of evaluation address, so your comment is positive ends. Dealing with booking portals and online reviews is difficult and requires special attention. German Berlin-based hotel Consulting helps consulting you like to develop an appropriate strategy for the current challenges and to draw up guidelines for dealing with online reviews. Contact: German consulting GbR consulting Mecklenburg str. 87 88 10713 Berlin Tel: 030/99250419 email: Managing Director: Eva-Maria German, Christina German VAT-ID: DE 282115908 German consulting is a Consultancy for the hotel and catering businesses from Berlin and Brandenburg. Experienced industry specialists for the hotel industry and tourism advice in the areas of marketing, process optimization and strategic human resources management.