Virtualization For Decision-makers

Free information evening held a free information evening on virtualization for decision makers in Hamburg for small and medium-sized enterprises Hamburg in February 2010 – on March 25, 2010 at 18:00 the SYMPLASSON Informationstechnik GmbH in its Hamburg headquarters but without buzzwords”. Virtualization has long been on everyone’s lips. But given the promising praises of the maker of virtualization software, it is difficult to form an objective opinion. This evening is about questions like: what exactly is meant by virtualization? Benefits of virtualization for small and medium-sized enterprises, where are their limits? Worth the move to virtual server for small and medium-sized enterprises? “” The event is not aimed at IT-technician – the target is a comprehensible representation of status for business decision makers in German “, not in Denglish”. Connect with other leaders such as here here. SYMPLASSON will report of experiences from various virtualization projects for a wide variety of customers. By the same author: Tiger Global Management. So can get an objective picture of the current state of virtualization technology and the specific opportunities for your company participants. In the wake of the lecture time for answering individual questions, as well as to exchange with each other.

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