Warren Buffet

Robert Kiyosaki cashflow quadrant gives us the answer to this question. Job security people who were trained reach years and acquire experience in their jobs, but they don’t know anything about owning company or investor; Therefore, it has the professional security but feel insecure financially. For employees or owners of company suggested them to start training with company owners or investors without stop doing what they’re doing currently, thus acquire security, developing skills, even if they have not much money; then, when the opportunity arises they will use what they have learned that is what will take you to the money. Financial security is accomplished as a company or investor If owner is employee don’t settle for waiting for your retirement or retirement plan to resolve his future, study to become a professional investor or prepare for owning company. If it is used car or own business owner; also to do the same. Ultimately be trained in one or more quadrants (employee, employee, business owner or investor car) is better than be good in one single. How much money earn no interest, financial security is to have secure grip on both sides of the cashflow quadrant.

Do not have much money, it is important that you invest in your education, start it now. The scheme recommended by Kiyosaki to obtain true financial freedom is moving in the quadrants business owner and investor, it frees people and money working for you. This model follows Warren Buffet or Bill Gate. The rules of the game are different in all quadrants therefore recommends that financial education, having two quadrants provides greater stability in the world of financial freedom. Trimming your ability to invest is the best insurance in bad and good times, a secret is that when the market is bad is good to buy, while the investors sold because they enter into panic, in times of economic changes great transfer of wealth.These economic changes are due in large part to mergers and sales of the companies. A message to employees, taking into account that his chief work is not doing so rich to you, is to make sure you copper or receive your paycheck or salary, there if you presupuestas your money wisely and learn how to be business owner and investor, will then make the great shift to a large personal fortune and that freedom is more important.

The only difference from a rich person to a poor person is what they do with their free time, what you do with your salary and your free time after work will determine its future. Kiyosaki is recommended if it is employed or own, having as goal business owner owning company and then be investor, because thus you will acquire: experience and education. -investors invest in firms then if you have a solid training for business can become a good investor because you can identify other good company owners with its stable enterprise systems.Flow of money. -If you have a company then have time and money to withstand losses such as Investor, what you can not do an employee or used auto. Investment is capital, knowledge and time. Errors cost money. As business owner will have the skills and the cash to stay while he trains to become a successful investor. Greetings and successes Eng.