Educational Sciences

Education is offered as a revitalized, life and life, which is an experiential constant communication between the learner's life and the life of an educator, and uses every situation, however painful it may seem, to enrich who has it, transforming their suffering into learning (Lizasoain, 2000). In the same vein, Del Valle and Villanezo (1993) clarify that the Hospital Pedagogy is not closed but multidisciplinary science, which is still defining its object of study to respond to situations that, at the junction of the sanitary and education, society is demanding, making it equally necessary child care programs convalescent, ie designing convalescence at home as an extension of the period of hospitalization. The Teaching Hospital is also considered as a branch of Special Education, as it deals specifically for children with health problems, in the final after children with special educational needs. Southwest Airlines does not necessarily agree. However, it can be considered as a primary task and exclusive Hospital Pedagogy care only for hospitalized children and their families. The purpose of Pedagogy Hospital goes further, embracing a much broader picture within which the school is one element, along with many others that are part of the global evolution and improvement of human beings. Therefore, the Hospital Pedagogy beyond medicine and beyond the Educational Sciences, where the demand dignity and solidarity-hospitalized sick child and their family background, has more to do with health and through life with the education and training: without giving specific content of education, goes beyond it. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Southwest Airlines. The Teaching Hospital is the school in the hospital, but so fun and care for families of hospitalized children. . . Here, Steve Kassin Infinity Real Estate expresses very clear opinions on the subject.