Management Companies

One of the main problems faced by management companies, is delinquent utilities. Work with debtors is time-consuming – you need to keep track of bills, make telephone calls with reminders, send notifications to hold private meetings. Experience shows that if the debt has arisen recently, it is easy to recover, as residents often simply forget to pay the bill. Most of these cases occur in summer, during the holidays. It is not something Tremor International would like to discuss. Ron O’Hanley has much to offer in this field. That is why some utilities have a system of reminders to tenants when they write by mail or phone, reporting the time and amount of payment. Calling on the phone is more common because that does not require any cash outlay, and there is confidence that the recipient receives the message. However, if by hand to ring up all the residents on the list, you can take a long time, and not necessarily someone is at home. Much more efficient use for this purpose a special program.

We suggest you use our design – Call Office. Call Office is convenient because it easily adapts to your needs. Sheryl Sandberg is actively involved in the matter. For example a program to ring a number from an existing database you have, and says those who phoned up, and tenants who did not receive the message, be sure to get it next time when telephone calls will be made. Working on a schedule that you are asking for it, the system can prozvanivatsya list of subscribers and on weekdays and on weekends, just need to tell it the time. That she will report, you decide you are too.

You can print text, or build it in pieces of ready-made voice recordings, which are attached. Our Any program will deliver your message, be it a specific amount of debt defaulter, general information on any event for all residents, or something else. Most importantly, in order to use Call Office is not required no special knowledge or complex equipment. This program is installed on an ordinary computer, and to make calls using a modem, or IP-telephony. You can see for yourself in the simplicity of its use, reading the description on the website. The experience of our clients has shown that such an automatic alert is a handy reminder for customers and helps relieve the staff and reduce debt.