Health Restricted: Still Possible

(Online article) – trainees are able to continue their training in health-related restrictions. Berlin (dpa/tmn) – It is important to check whether the training objective can be achieved in individual cases, explains Dirk Neumann of the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) in Berlin. That was not the case, should be for solutions how to find the change in another training in the same operation. Employers and trainees but also have the right to terminate. Generally applies to minors who want to begin training, the duty, to be examined by a doctor, says Neumann. The goal is it to detect potential health problems before the start of working life and to prevent a deterioration of the condition through the training. The medical examination must not more than 14 months behind at start of training. It is missing or is older, the employer may not employ young people, explains Neumann.

The investigation is the employer by an Certificate to prove. These contained no results but, but called only activities which the trainee health reasons may not run. The trainee must worry about the investigation. But he can freely choose the doctor. It is useful, the doctor to go to, because he knows well the personal history, Neumann advises.

However he must inform yourself exactly the specific requirements and activities in the relevant training. If necessary, the doctor should refer the trainees to a specialist, says Neumann. The respective Federal State carry the cost of the medical examination. A further medical examination is mandatory after least nine months at the latest after one year. Also here is the right to free choice of doctor. However, it is useful to see the same doctor. As the follow-up to compare the current state of health prior to the training. Also the follow-up must be to the employer be certified. The trainee does not fulfil this obligation, the employer in this case has an extraordinary right of termination.