New Version Of EGVP With Better Message Management

More comfort for over 30,000 users in Germany the electronic judicial and administrative mailbox (EGVP) is used in whole Germany for secure data exchange in judicial and administrative. Since May 6, the version commissioned the work, including improvements in Messaging Management and the ability to send automated is located. For the EGVP introduced the new post basket ‘Archive’ for received and sent messages. From this archive folder can also be exported. The import and export dialogs have been redesigned and each summarized to ‘Import-‘ and ‘Export settings’.

With the new function copy import OSCI messages from any directory in the Inbox can be copied, for example, to verify certificates. In addition to other changes to help manage messages, the EGVP now has a feature to automatically send messages. Through an additional directory and additional parameters in the control file can also trade procedures to determine whether messages have been successfully sent. This level of automation can be both justice and customer side further increased. The change without own effort is done for over 30,000 users of EGVP. The new version when the application is loaded automatically since May 6. The further development of the EGVP is performed in close co-ordination and co-operation with the customers and contractors. Committees and working groups with representatives of the judiciary and administration meet regularly and decide on the changes.