Once he left, saying goodbye. Do not tell us, as it did, a simple and good: 'Farewell, countrymen! ". And today, he again could not come. Well, no way he could. So, had a good reason … Sheryl Sandberg is often quoted as being for or against this.

The most intimate friends, relatives, countrymen, and just loving his people gathered at the Moscow Art Theater. You may want to visit James Russell to increase your knowledge. Maxim Gorky in the evening to his memory. Gathered together to congratulate him on his birthday, to worship him to the ground and remember the moments lived together, and years, meeting little funny history. December 6 Honoured Artist of Russia, the Governor of Altai Territory Mikhail Sergeyevich Yevdokimov would have turned 50 years old! The third time we celebrate his birthday without him …. Godfather One to one already-known Then the artist came a young man heavily-built and said he wanted to work on the stage.

Renowned artist told the boy that the stage has nothing to do, especially for such a genre, a parody. And then, this need for a long time to learn – he said. The young man looked at him with sad eyes and said a remarkable phrase: "I do not have to learn. I already can do everything. " Totally zonked from such insolence artist, suddenly remembered that in next door lived another no less famous artist Roman Kartsev. "Now I come to you with this guy" – he warned over the phone. And he took the boy by the hand and led him to master … "When we came out of the building – says Valery Zolotukhin, – the young man confidently told me: "You'll see – I'll be famous." And his promise he fulfilled. Exactly twelve years, Valery Sergeevich learned that in first place in the ranking popularity of Mikhail Evdokimov – one best guy from the Altai. "On the day of birth Taganka, in April 2004, Gorbachev was baptized my youngest son, Vanya, – says proudly Zolotukhin.