Internet Process

But it is a mistake to observe the phenomenon in purely economic terms since it has political, social and cultural aspects.Globalization not duty being seen as a unilinear process but a set of processes, in turn engenders new zone economic and cultural, we can stay with these theories and not remove any possible conclusion. The volume of world trade today is much greater than the of 100 years ago, to this must be added the growing impact of electronic commerce and the new role of the financial markets that operate 24 hours a day and move about 2 billion dollars per day.You have to also know that physical assets are not more the center of the global exchange, instead intangibles, such as the exchange of information if they are not. These elements give a break with the past and refute the theory of skeptics, however these two currents agree as follows: 1) the irreversible character of the process of globalizacion2) & nbs p; Multiplication of actors internacionales3) information as a dominant factor. Consequences of globalisation: the power of large corporations explains the process of globalization facing up, this means the development of thousands of NGOs operating worldwide, Greenpeace is a good example of this phenomenon as many multinational incorporated into new markets. Finally in order to understand this social phenomenon quite complex must understand that globalization this guided by a single force conducting what the economic or commercial expansion, this is not a fact foreign to us but the contrary, globalization driven by the changes we ourselves produce. In our lives whenever we choose to access Internet collaborate in this process thus cannot be parsed as a fact isolated or foreign to us, globalization can not be reversed. Globalization has a rate of change and high uncertainty, therefore the idea of the nation-State is important to integrate effectively the dominant paradigm for this century. If you wish to contact the author to exchange ideas, opinions and comments on this work stated above can do so by writing to: e-mail: author: Cristian Ramirez GastonLicenciado in marketing (IAU)Master in international business (U.