Marketing Variable

Marketing in recent years to evolved and is to become an area of vital importance for the company since it performs studies of possible business projects. Marketing involves strategies market, sales, market research, positioning, market, etc. It is frequently confused with the term advertising, this being only a tool of marketing (marketing) MARKETING Marketing strategic processes: before producing a product or service, the address should analyze the opportunities offered by the market, the kind of consumer that will be directed product, the purchasing power of consumers and if the product meets your needs. He is also the possibility of competitors, marketing is responsible for studying its products and its policy of marketing, the entry of new competitors. Conduct an internal analysis of the company to determine if it really counts with the necessary resources.

Marketing Mix: The marketing becomes a philosophy of business in a way that in the Organization all areas (and not only that of marketing) are aware that should respond to the genuine needs of clients and consumers. This is how customers will receive the treatment expected, so trust that organization also in terms of their products or services. Execution of the program of Marketing: the implementation of the planned actions is assigned to the corresponding Department and media are set to carry them out, as well as the procedures and techniques to be used. They must create mechanisms that allow evaluating the results of the established plan and evaluate results Control: supposed to set those feedback and evaluation mechanisms that verify the degree of compliance with the objectives and establish the corrections. Some of the controls are: Control of Plan Annual Control of profitability Control of efficiency Control strategic this friends to been a small introduction to the fascinating world of marketing, here are guidelines for creating your business and be assured that this flourish and not fall on the road. I wish know how to use this guide with enough seriousness and dedication.