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However the professor is an active being, acting in its functioning without this development, it will remain atrelado to its daily one, without thinking nor to reflect more of a form elaborated its side criticizes. Os professors had passed to be made responsible by the o failure of its pupils and the school. Imcompetent people, badly formed, displicentes, mentally ill and possibly idiotic cognitivos, didactic livros, dependents, determined for the dominant, unconscious structures or cultures, several it has been the used adjectives to disqualify and to make responsible the professors for the failure of the school and the education when, most of the time, they are so victims how much its pupils. (TARDIF, 2001). It is evident that external causes intervene of form so rustic, the professional formation of the way professor that it has that to understand such reality, and to associate, in the understanding of the paper of being an educator, not being easy such reality. 3.CONSIDERAES FINAL During all the research, we can perceive that the education is very important, a time that to teach and to learn is not never locked in. It, as capital human being, has a decisive contribution for the creation of the wealth and the economic development.

It guarantees a social mobility insurance and, although trashing and of the indifference politician, we go to conceive it as the way most certain for the good of the society. We also perceive that, the professor is a competent mediator between the pupil and the knowledge, somebody that must create situations for the learning, that guides that it co-ordinates and that many times, exerts the mother paper, however, all pupil must be conscientious of its duties and its responsibilities. The necessary professor to stimulate them, to form them independent and original, that does not have fear to question on the certain the made a mistake one, and that above all, more joust and igualitria search a society. The education is the solution and is for all life. It marks the difference between the success and the failure, is the only form of reinventar the education and to bring it daily of the pupil, making with that the experience and the experiences of the individual are the part accomplishes of the school. Therefore, the contribution of the Resume for the construction of a society more joust, having as objective the formation of critical and participativos citizens, will be important in the evolution of the basic principles of a society.