PVE World

In its workmanship Rockwell, (1997) it tells the daily history of a pertaining to school experience in the Mexico which makes possible analysis of varied elements of the pertaining to school culture to the school while institution, values, conceptions, relation professor and pupil and that it sees transmissora and reproductive the school not only as, but also as a place of production of the knowledge. The ambient question if has become more frequently argued for all society and, the school, that currently thanks to the globalization and a familiar running desmedida ‘ ‘ assumiu’ ‘ in many cases the paper of ‘ ‘ PM’ ‘ (Father and Mother), it must also assume the role of ‘ ‘ PVE’ ‘ (Propagadora de Forgotten Valores) of its pupils, searching to guide them in questions that generate conflicts, many times for ignorance or cultural diversity. The school must search ways to display to teach to its pupils whom, the intervention, generally capitalist, of the human being on the natural systems they can in such a way compromise the quality of life of the current world-wide population, as the life of the next generations. … ‘ ‘ with the conception and the birth the parents had not only given to life its children, them at the same time had introduced, them in a world. Educating them they assume the responsibility of the life and the development of the child, but also of the continuity of the world. These two responsibilities do not coincide by no means and can exactly enter in conflict.