Project Renaissance Galley Fleet

Revitalization project galley fleet (the question of the perspective image of the Russian Army) in recent years, many media are increasingly paying attention to the appearance of the Russian army, to discuss issues reform of the Armed Forces. It's no secret that the progressive part of the Russian officer corps is extremely dissatisfied with the reforms. For the Army purchased an inflatable military equipment, famous designers invent new uniforms for the Department of Defense. Community organizations offer to revive the old regiment of the Russian Guards. In short there is something unbelievable and totally incomprehensible to normal humans. Of course, we could not stay away from this "historical" process. By studying the topic of reforming the armed forces, and they gained a new perspective image, we are seriously thinking of reviving the galley fleet. As know, everything is new – it is well forgotten past, and the revival of galley fleet will bring the country into a difficult period of economic crisis tangible benefits, both in terms of stabilizing the economy and in military use "Newest" technology, which, by the way, not like cheaper and healthier air tanks and planes.

So, consider what benefits it promises us the implementation of this project to life. Firstly, the construction of the galley does not require such huge costs, which are necessary for the construction of modern warships, as the galley can be built right on the beach for quite primitive and cheap stocks, respectively. Quite naturally, the estimates of possible strike out the huge sums required for the maintenance of factory buildings, utilities, electricity, maintenance of equipment in working order and updated machinery.