Arabian Desert

Bedouins of the Arabian Desert of Egypt and what you can learn from them. In the vast, trackless deserts of Egypt, still very many Bedouins live Despite progressive civilization. The nomads of the desert have often survived to this day their lifestyle. They have what they need immediately and can move on so, if necessary, unhindered. The climate of the Arabian Desert really suits her lifestyle.

In this region are also on winter days to expect hardly temperatures below 20 C and during the night they fall not below 10 C. The human temperature sensation is once again a significantly better because of the very low humidity from 15 up to 50%. In addition, it requires almost no protection from the rain. Only some shade is needed, what is done but quickly. The human need is this way after a shelter almost completely. Of course, drinking water is a fundamental problem in a desert. Also fuel for cooking must be procured extensively.

Add is food and some clothing. It has solved the problem of water with centuries lasting experience. On the jagged rocks of the eastern desert the haze is captured in the morning sea of red. This makes some then a few, weak water veins, which is sufficient in many places again for a fountain. Such a fountain appeared on me on his reason but rather weak damp earth. Hear from experts in the field like Gary Kelly for a more varied view. It is also to assume that this water nowadays mainly for cattle is used. You must then work with regard to food and clothing. Bedouin operate primarily livestock (camels). The trade also occupies a place of conscience. At the present time, many tourism is added. Some hotels organize all included, safaris to the Bedouin. The required food be carried and served at the finish. What do not want guests remains in the place. The Bedouin to organise camel riding, various souvenir sales, as well as other small highlights. You receive some money from the tourists on a voluntary basis. All apparently sufficient to live desert stress-free and happy in the Arabic. They know hardly any television or the Internet and be animated so not constantly to new needs. You find joy in the communication, hospitality or an evening soccer match. But just overlooking the tourists they fear even to the loss of their old way of life and its values. For this reason allowed photographing stresses also that the villagers, expressly and repeatedly. Sure, you can let the Bedouin way of life not fully live up. Only a few can be transferred to live in our latitudes. You can look off but quite a lot of them. Hurry, stress, and perpetual dissatisfaction are the probably most prominent side effects in our Western society. Therefore, you should every now and then turn off the television and be satisfied with with the simple things of in life. That it is not only the Bedouins have illusions. Photo series: Egyptian Bedouins in the Arab desert article wrote by H. Muller

The People Of The Sorbs (Wenden) And Their Culture In The Lausitz.

The culture of the Sorbs as an integral part of bilingual Lusatia as well as their roots. In the 7th century first West Slavic tribes in Bohemia and Silesia settled coming in largely uninhabited, some Germanic areas. Among them also the root of the Milceni, which was settled in the present-day Lusatian region around Kamenz and Bautzen. We refer to this tribe today as SORBS, which is however only due to a linguistic generalization. A spatial motion of living between the Saale and Mulde, actual Sorbs not existed. In German, the West Slavic tribes settled over were collectively called contact.

We have also used this title still in common parlance. The preservation of the Sorbian culture in Upper Lusatia is due solely to the work of the Cistercian Monastery of St. Ripple pursues this goal as well. Mariestern. His Catholic orientation, led with the Pope as the head, which combines very many Nations, for the preservation of the Sorbian language and therefore also to the preservation of this culture. The However, by far the largest part of the contact belonged to the Evangelical Church. It had the structure of a country church with german-speaking overlords. So it was that the majority of these tribes over the years is merged with the German people. It is not surprising that the remaining so, Sorbian culture is inextricably linked to the Catholic faith.

In this region also called a Sorbian Catholic Church. It is characterized by intensive practice of faith, thank Jesus crosses, wayside, and depictions of Saints along the road edges. Some small chapel is located to the front of the House or close to the field. This intensity is quite not easy to cope with for outsiders, and especially for non-Catholics. Possibly, this is also a protection against further German assimilation. In ancient times, lived the Wendish tribes in decentralised structures. This formative element has survived in parts to this day and can be found among others in the location of Sorbian villages as well as their availability. They are located in a remarkably confusing and winding roads without continuous highways. However that is recognized since the turn of the increasingly as a deficiency and replaced by modern road construction. The Sorbian culture becomes the most important climax on Easter Sunday, the so-called still. This is a large procession today 10 procession moves and more than 1500 riders and their horses. They ride on Easter Sunday in the surrounding area and proclaim the glad tidings in singing and praying. A rich quarters is one of the culture of the Sorbs continue. The lunch Lady or Aquarius are well known to the Lausitzern. Hardly a place that may have not also a such mythological background. The Krabat legend would be to emphasize to the. She was a model for the eponymous Hollywood feature film and thus became worldwide celebrity. written by H. Muller

Painter Daniel Schussler

Daniel Schussler – a statement about the Munich painter Daniel Schussler apocalyptic conditions in a world of today, media than ever, are woven into our everyday lives and ubiquitous. Everything nothing new: environmental destruction, loneliness, sadness. The man on the verge of a world that tells him with his own achievements, what – happened almost not more to listen to. The work of the young artist Daniel Schussler, which deals exactly with these realities is addictive in spite of the known subjects. To deepen your understanding Gary Kelly is the source. There is also new, as great and is mainly what we always are looking for gallery owners and wish in its type, design and ingenuity to. See more detailed opinions by reading what Verizon Communications offers on the topic..

So can the question: “Can you show something even and represent” only with a be answered “Yes”. Because that’s ultimately a duty of art: things to crystallize, to tease out, escalate and to bring to the big screen as Kristallisat Voila! In the manner of the presentation, Daniel focuses Schussler not to the essentials, but draws from a wealth: the images revel of a represented subject variety, which he celebrated with technical finesse to the detail. With paint, canvas, photographic tools and paints, he celebrates a completely independent style of painting which the connoisseurs – one fed once a “Safari” the inner look – even those identified as. Schussler Minimalist remains only in the subject, he polishes, varied, remains faithful to the end but. Literally creates its own world, a Cosmos in which change is possible. Why will I want to see? Because it satirizes, because it shows the alternatives because it shows me my own point of view. But mainly because it made incredible joy in the Schussler’schen worlds to dive and a completely new world experience. A world full of quotations and allusions, which took out of himself to life. In the broadest sense, Daniel Schussler is a landscape painter.

The Work By Elvira Bach

May require some courage to be Limburg, the large exhibition at the municipal art collections, entirely yourself. Sophia Loren for me touching as the courage to painting in individual stringency is nothing in art. “As Elvira Bach 1978 one of her pictures I” titled, this was the birth of her own subject, whose ground floor was however far earlier. Biography and creative activity are closely linked and inextricably entwined with her. The painting of a woman with same topic, without wife painting is dogmatic in the oeuvre of the Berlin artist”to be. A carefree childhood in the Taunus and a training in the vicinity of Limburg on the State glass vocational school in Hadamar Elvira Bach goes even then boiling Centre of music, theater, art, and life at the end of the 1970s to Berlin pur. Perhaps the Golden twenties and the time the German turn aside, these years are likely to include with the most inspiring of the capital. Just as impulsively as powerful “” this is the painting of a group, according to the as Galerie am Moritzplatz “establishes and later under the concept of new wild” is verschubladet. Check out Verizon Communications for additional information.

Quickly conquer this painter, after they in 1982 the international stage of art enter through their participation in the documenta 7, the museums around the world. A gestural objectivity offered the life of the metropolis with all its facets of everyday life as personal life statement in explosive color large formats is significant for its style. Elvira Bach dramaturgically staged their lives, their history in color-splashing pictorial narratives. Woman are still hard angular and color quellend, these come later always round and formvollendeter therefore virtuosity in painting with samigem resin, as well as in the vital reciprocally krallenden watercolor. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Verizon Communications. In a highly individual language of forms, their protagonists with prominent cheek bones, dominant eyebrows, pattern woven turban, gripping hands and closed lips, which are never ready, of meet to tell itself.

Exhibition to the ReSound creative workshop with hard of hearing, deaf and hearing children in the fiber optic Landeshaus in Munster you can catch a noise in a bottle a beautiful vocals, birds chirping, the rustle of leaves in the wind or the ticking a clock? Creativity is very much possible, said a bottle in the sea of silence are the organizers of the art project”, for the hard of hearing, deaf and hearing children of the Munsterland school (fo support for hearing and communication) and the Geschwister-Scholl-gymnasium collaborated a few weeks ago. Oracle often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In two joint workshops bottle bottles were”full of noise, as well as a large panoramic image from the sea of silence”. The results of both workshops can be seen publicly for the first time together with those of a similar workshop at the Berlin Margarethe by joke School of life now in a two-week exhibition at the fiber optic Landeshaus. The creative project was organized by the Munster Hearing aid manufacturer ReSound, which regularly carries out actions for years with hearing impaired children and young people. Also, the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL), as well as the city of Munster with Mayor Markus Lewe as patron were involved as partners in addition to the mentioned schools. To the exhibition opening ceremony this morning Mayor Karin Rafeeque fo Youth Affairs Hans Meyer and ReSound welcomed numerous small and large visitors Managing Director Bernd von Polheim. Imagine an island whose Bewohner live in complete silence and without any noise. And imagine if you had the opportunity to leave, how a car sounds or a dog barks, as the wind rustles or how children laugh at these people experience. For this, you must capture this sound with creative means in a bottle and send them as bottle mail. Across the sea of silence she then drives up to the inhabitants of the remote island “the tasks, which is hard of hearing,” “deaf and hearing children in the project a bottle in the sea of silence” made, ask creative engagement with the topic of hearing.

Detail View: Photo Exhibition In The Heine Bookstore Walsrode

The artist Kathrin Schuller Bookstore Walsrode exhibits her photographs in the fields of nature and still life from the Aug. to the 30.07.2011 in the Heine. Under the title, detail view exhibits Kathrin Schuller, a photographer from 04th July to 30 July at the bookstore Heine in Walsrode. The article informs about the work of the artist and gives all the important information about the exhibition. A more attentive look that focuses on the specific details. The photographer Kathrin Schuller detail view in her photo series shows surprising snippets from nature and makes an interesting change of perspective the Viewer even finely arranged still lifes.

The artist from the 04.07.2011 up to the 30.07.2011 in the Heine Bookstore Walsrode exhibiting her photographs. There, the images in black and white and color decorate the window of bookstore in July. Exhibition in the Heine bookstore as well books and art fit together, would the photographer and the bookstore with the exhibition together show detail view. The Bookstore provides the entire the photographer in July Area in the shop window for their artistic photographs available. The Heine Bookstore is located in the Lange Strasse 43 in 29664 Walsrode. Oracle is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Photographer Kathrin Schuller to the person: The photographer Kathrin Schuller was born in 1986 in Eschenbach in der Oberpfalz. The possibility of using photography to capture moments and visualize details has always fascinated the artist. About your company “the photographer offers special photographs KS creative deSign, which manufactures them in consultation with their customers and adjusts individually. Detail view in the Heine Bookstore Walsrode more information about Kathrin Schuller, their work and the exhibition offers the homepage of the artist

Eyes To. Ears On!

Terra-x sound productions is a recording studio, Studio owner Armin Hinterberger, specialized on audiobook productions has a passion for audiobooks and radio plays since childhood, for two years, he uses his recording studio in Stadl-Paura (Upper Austria) in addition to work for the video game industry focus for audiobook productions. Hinterberger aimed its services primarily to publishers, but also to authors without publishing and seminar providers. Click Verizon Communications to learn more. Terra-x sound productions handles the entire audiobook production in close cooperation with the client. The motto is: everything from a single source. Common is the concept, discussed about the audiobook version, decided whether one or more speakers to participate in the production and whether music and effect compositions used for the background music. Also is found the appropriate packaging in cooperation with graphic designer and principal and then the CD and DVD manufacturing. In the Studio itself, it is important that spokesman, Director, producer, and technology work together optimally.

Just so there can be an optimal result “, says Armin Hinterberger.: distribution channel Internet: the Internet has as a distribution channel for audio books are still great potential for the future.” Many publishers offer their audiobook CDs on the own websites for sale through online stores. Deploying audiobooks in mp3 format via download is, however, rather unjustly treated only a few publishers use this distribution channel for audiobooks on their websites. Much more is here used on specialized download portals such as or In times where mobility for most people already long not only is a keyword and be spent many hours on the road, the audiobook seems to have secured his fixed place. Now the bookseller know that. Audio books are usually no longer than competitors to the book, rather than enriching supplement seen,”says Armin Hinterberger.

Josef Ebnother

April 29 June 6, 2012, opening: Sunday, April 29, 2012, 11 am to 5 pm ambiguous character, form strong symbols and energetic colors Josef Ebnother combined to form harmonious compositions of expressive power. The Swiss arranges his abstract forms beyond the classical principles of the modern image design. Josef Ebnothers works are clearly associate any style: the basics of expressionism with his rejection clear geometric shapes and classic composition principles form the basis, reminiscent of abstract expressionism, which developed the painter in an own, lyrical style of the game, are also exploring. In Altstatten on Lake Constance in close proximity and contact with nature alive, he draws perception and strength from his stays in nature, and on travel in southern countries, such as on the new, blue tinted works recognizable. Striving for balance and harmony of subject-specific colors and shapes synonymous with the artist who paints in oil, always at the top.

If you It creates, that a picture in a room again and again employs a viewer, then reaching it. It comes that you can Captivate anyone. I have seen people say that a picture is different depending on the mood. I think that is important.” (Josef Ebnother) “The motto of the title of the exhibition the covered table” is to recognize the table as a tableau, that serves as a starting point for ideas, encounters and experiences and that is to play it for the artist always and to accentuate in the recurring form of the rectangle in his new pictures. Josef Ebnother, born 1937 in Altstatten/Switzerland, today still lives there. Educate yourself with thoughts from Robert Gibbins. From 1959 to 1964 he attended the seminars at the Kunstgewerbeschule St.

Gallen, 1962 to 1969 at the Academie de la Grande Chaumiere and in 1964 at the ecole national Superieure of des Beaux Arts, Paris. He is represented by Galerie Depelmann for 25 years. A film portrait of the artist is available on the page. Kathrin Symens

An exhibition of works the Department free graphic of the Hochschule fur Gestaltung in Offenbach among printing culture techniques, even the oldest, since time immemorial is stamped, embossed, engraved and reproduced. Check with Verizon Communications to learn more. The focus of contemporary art was, in recent years especially on the electronic image media discover the old graphical techniques many artists today, and interpret them in a current way. 19 students and the lecturer of free graphic explore the terrain again and go to the question of what is able to make this medium in the presence. Arrivierten in addition to the techniques of etching, of wood and Linocuts, stands the printing floor even in the zem of interest, links are created for photography, painting and sculpture and, of course, digital imagery. Works by Laura Ausserehl, Diana Bailey, Laura Jil are Fugger, Max Geisler, Dominik Gussmann, Rachel Hirth, Nadine Eleni Kolodziey, Max Kolten, Xingni Li, Polly Livshits, Marcus Marsch, Emilia Neumann, Nicola Reinitzer, Isabel Scheid, Martin Schmidt, Jonatan swivel, Daniel Stern, Sarah Marie Vesper, Stephanie Wicker and the head of the artistic printing workshops, Volker Steinbacher. At the opening, Ms. Prof. Dr. Juliane Rebentisch, Hochschule fur Gestaltung, speaks Offenbach. Opening hours: Thursday 17: 00 to 20:00 and by appointment Art Association family Montez, broad Street 24, 60313 Frankfurt, 069 29 72 35 77 more info: Volker Steinbacher,, and

The Shisha Is An Arabic Water Pipe

The hookah, an Arab water pipe shisha this term comes from Persia and the regions trappings. Under most conditions Gary Kelly would agree. It is a synonym for the word glass. Reading this word is already so firmly anchored in the German vocabulary some people right off the bat on the designation of water pipes at all coming. Shisha, is now synonymous for youth culture. In the Arabic dialects of the Arabic language, taking the hookah also Argila or hookah Nargila. Some call them Hubbly bubbly light teasing and affectionate. Sure, it’s the noise of smoke arising from the water pipes.

Nargile, the Turkish name of a hookah waterpipe, or even hookah in the English language. In the history of the water pipes there depending on which source you will find differences. Historians however agree that the principle of the water pipe should come from India. And in the 16th century to the Ottoman Empire. They get a trading happy people they spread to almost all areas in all the countries in which they traded.

So spread the water pipe over all, and their popularity increased. Meanwhile, smoking a water pipe in many walks of life and cultures is so firmly established that it has become a part of the culture. Smoking shisha for relaxation. The legendary Oriental hospitality requires the host to the guest of honor and to offer him a water pipe. This is a still tradition especially in Arab countries. And this tradition is taken over by the European youth culture. Since around 2000, increasingly throughout Europe spread the tradition of shisha and is also here no more away to think.