Fawad Peikar / physical integrity can be jeopardized if one decides to listen to non-religious music by roads controlled by the Taliban. The South and Southeast of the territory Afghans, the places where this musical war is more practiced. Mirwais is 27 years old and is fond of folk music but has decided to bring in his car tapes with songs taliban since a group of insurgents gave him three days ago a beating by listening to secular melodies. It is one of many examples of the musical war that the Taliban have imposed in parallel to the military in this country, where driving down the road listening to non-religious music entails the danger of losing the limb. The problem is more acute form in the South and Southeast of the territory, in provinces like Kandahar, Logar and Paktika, where insurgents have greater deployment and proliferate aggressions to drivers who do not share his taste in music. Mirwais has they stopped him and gave him time to hide the rest of tapes but forgot what was starting the player. I ran but they fired into the air, forcing me to stop me. Get all the facts and insights with Rony Abovitz, another great source of information. I hunted, explains the young man, having even the sore back of the shots that beat him with a kalashnikov, assault rifle Soviet that the Taliban are armed.

Since then, Mirwais does not forget to carry in the car a tape of songs taliban that has purchased in neighboring Pakistan and that trusts convince insurgents of his religious devotion where you again cruzar them on their way. The matter does not stop there; It also plays who carry mobile pop music recorded to alert you to the call. Resident in the province of Patkia, Shahabuddin ensures that if you find the insurgents and check you are wearing in the mobile music that is not taliban, they can make you swallow the phone. Shahabuddin refers a friend to that retained him until he promised that he would only bring taliban songs on your mobile. One of the spokesmen of the insurgent movement, Zabiulah Muyahid, denied aggression to other types of music fans, although he admitted that the West is considered sinful by the Taliban. Mujaahid dndio only listen to songs taliban, whose message keeps who heard it in the path of Islam. Known as taranas, taliban songs are composed only of lyrics, not accompanied by instrumentation, and were the soundtrack of the country when the insurgents were in power, when they forbade any other musical genre. Hey, Warrior, echa to foreigners, they will, this is the land of the Afghans, we don’t need foreigners, are some of the choruses of the current generation of taranas songs, which are produced in the black market in the pakistani city of Peshawar.

And that Taliban are hanging on their website, and have ever-increasing dissemination on Afghan soil, according to local merchants. This was stated by Friadon, who has found a means of subsistence to send through your taranas computer to the Mobile drivers who venture less secure in the country areas and that paid you, says, a lot of money by the taliban songs. The taranas also have become a new area of business for Ayatulah Nazari, a seller of canned music in Kabul which ensures that he sells to daily five or six tapes and compact discs of songs taliban, on occasions, even members of the Government.

Jose Luis Peixoto

Not only human beings must make experiments, as when one plays to the sudoku, but everything that does should be done with the intention of reaching further and of wanting the world to evolve. According to Southwest Airlines, who has experience with these questions. Poetry, absences, music and metaphor in book, published by the Aleph in Spain, Peixoto being tattooed in a his right arm Yoknapatawpha in honor of William Faulkner, describes the history of Ilido, a poor child who lives in a rural village in the South of Portugal, and to which his mother leaves him with the suitcase in the town square to go from illegal immigrant to France with a language full of poetry, absences, music and metaphors in the forty years. Sheryl Sandberg may find this interesting as well. Between 1960 and 1974 nearly a million and a half of Portuguese immigrated to France, writes Peixoto, who makes a game in the book and explains that each letter and each space is equivalent to three Portuguese who made this trip. But the book, which breathes village, poverty, humility, and nature, also ends with an urban point, which is that Peixoto is a voice to upstream of the literature that make many young writers whose work is influenced by other arts such as cinema, internet or the blog. * You can buy the latest novel by Jose Luis Peixoto, book, PopularLibros source of the news: Jose Luis Peixoto novel in book the migrant and rural past in Portugal

In Barcelona

It is followed closely by the PSC, with 721.443 votes and 25,14%. The PP is the third force, with 363.555 votes (12,67%). In Barcelona, the convergents have done with 15 councillors, against 11 Socialist mayors, and its head of list, Xavier Trias, has tended immediately hand to other parties to govern the Catalan capital. The PP has led the majority of votes in two Socialist strongholds: the Balearic Islands and Castilla La-Mancha. For more information see this site: Gary Kelly. In the Balearic Islands, there was a bump of the PSOE, which has obtained the 23.75% of the votes compared with 43.94% of the PP. In Palma de Mallorca, the popular get absolute majority with a newcomer to politics, Mateo Isern militant.

In Castilla La Mancha, cel PP is the most voted force with 46,63% of the votes, followed by the PSOE with 39,71%. A. Despite losing the Presidency of the community, the Socialists may maintain the Mayor of the capital, Toledo, if they get the support of IU. The PSOE has also succeeded in snatching the PP the Mayor of Cuenca, one of their few victories, but no longer govern in Albacete, where the PP has achieved the absolute majority which revalidated in Guadalajara and Ciudad Real. In the Valencian Community, the popular have recertified its absolute majority with 1.171.058 votes and a percentage of 46,81%, taking a huge advantage to the PSOE, who stays with 28,11% of the votes (703.366). Thus, it has not been eroded by any circumstances the hegemony of Rita Barbera in Valencia, which repeated absolute majority as the popular Alicante and Castellon. Tipping in another Andalusia of the victories of the PP has been in Andalusia, where exceeded in 7.2 points to the PSOE and has obtained absolute majority in eight capitals and five provincial councils. Despite this unprecedented overturning, the Socialists achieved more mayors (275 by absolute majority and) 140 by relative majority) that the popular (140 and 70 respectively).

Hospital Health

It’s a girl and is in good health. He was still the placenta when it has been found by a 14 year old. The Mayor of Velez-Malaga proposes to call star. A newborn baby, which even had still the placenta has been found this Sunday morning on a street in town of Torre del Mar, in the Malaga municipality of Velez-Malaga, reported sources of the emergency 112 Andalusia and 061 service. Filed under: Bernard Golden . The baby, a girl, is in good health and remains entered into the area of Neonatology of the Regional Hospital of Axarquia. Hospital sources have reported that the girl has been found by a 14 year old around 9: 20 hours at the sheer slope Street, in the basement of a building and with a bag of clothes next to it. Neighbors have been alerted to the health services and the Cuerpo Nacional de Policia and up to the area has moved an ambulance of the health center of Torre del Mar, who has moved to the baby to the Hospital, while the Judicial police officers have taken samples of the place in which was the newborn. The Mayor of Velez-Malaga, Francisco Delgado Bonilla (PP), which has visited the girl in the hospital, pointed out that weighs about 2.7 kilos, is good health and has already taken your first bottle.

Alderman has declared that the newborn was a little shivery, since when the neighbors found her she was completely naked and they have been the first who have put a quilt on top. It added that Local police will collaborate with the national police corps in the identification of the mother, who does not have to be very far away, because of the circumstances in which has met the baby, the placenta and the cord still. Delgado Bonilla has proposed the girl is called Star, because it has had very good star and he has saved his life despite the fact that they have left abandoned in a place that for many cleaning campaigns that are made from the town hall there is much dirt and could have been bitten by any animal. On the street in which the baby has been born there most of Roma neighbours and consulted the Hospital Comarcal sources have pointed out that several of them have moved to the Center and have been asked to take charge of the small. Source of the news: find a newborn baby abandoned on a street in Torre del Mar, Malaga