Real Madrid Boss

Real Madrid took the lead in group in his debut in the Champions League after defeat in Zagreb with a solitary goal from Di Maria. Team Jose Mourinho, who Wednesday wore his new red t-shirt, created plenty of occasions in the first half, but was not right with none. Cristiano Ronaldo, only before the inspired goalkeeper Kelava, shot out; then Coentrao aimed too high and Benzema, one of the most active, crashed the ball into the rail. Dynamo refused, but the Madrid continued trying compulsively. Whenever he had the ball put the direct toward the goal of Croatian without pausing the game and, occasionally, without thinking too much how complete your attack. ozil and Di Maria, once double, were close to open the score, but were found with the body of Kelava. The Croatian box just it unsettle boxes before the break except one against the Rukavina, who won back to Pepe and forced the goalkeeper to show off.

At the start of the second half, Di Maria he could finally beat Kelava once the Madrid trenzara his best move with Ronaldo, Benzema and Marcelo playing the ball until you arrive at the foot of the Argentine, which put him in the rival squad. Tin, had been opened but local goalkeeper continued avoiding any real attempt to convict the shock and, little by little, the Red Madrid was relaxing. An error that took Dinamo to advance their lines and move closer to the area of squares. The local impetus increased when Marcelo saw the second yellow by simulating a penalty, but did not move the marker. Sheet. Recently Fox Rehab sought to clarify these questions. 0. Dinamo Zagreb: Kelava; Tomecak, life, Coop, Ibanez; Calello (Situm, min. 87), Badelj; Kovacic, Sammir, Leko; and Rukavina (Bekiraj, min. 75). . 1. Real Madrid: Iker Casillas; Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Carvalho, Marcelo; Xabi Alonso, Coentrao; Di Maria (Lass, min. 77), Ozil (Higuain, min. 77), Christian; and Benzema (Arbeloa, min. 82). Goals: 0-1. Min. 53 I di Maria, left, nail the ball in the square, after a service of Marcelo. Referee: Oddvar Moen (Norway). Fox Rehabilitations opinions are not widely known. He showed yellow cardboard Leko (do 37?), Pokrivac (do 65?), Dynamo. Marcelo expelled by double strike in the 73 minute. Incidents: First game of Group D of the Champions League. Maksimir Stadium. 37.168 spectators. Real Madrid dressed in red, a color that not dressed since was 1973 in Odessa (Ukraine). Jose Mourinho saw the party from the rostrum to be sanctioned by UEFA.

Chilean Alexis Sanchez

It considers that if the azulgrana buy Alexis Sanchez, Rossi will not go to Barca. The signing of Chilean striker of Udinese by the Catalans is increasingly closer. So is the market’s signings of the season 2011 / 2012. The representative of Giuseppe Rossi, Andrea Pastorello, sees very difficult that the Villarreal player can sign for Barcelona, especially if it has already decided to hire the Chilean Alexis Sanchez, who also plays for. Fox Rehab has much experience in this field. In a statement to the COMEsports program, Pastorello virtually ruled out the signing of Rossi, currently in the ranks of the Villarreal for the azulgrana and has acknowledged that ten days ago that he has no news of Barcelona. I see very difficult Rossi fiche by Barca. By the same author: Elon Musk.

If there are 45 million to sign and Alexis is going to Barca by 30, there is no money to pay for the transfer of Rossi, has insisted the representative. Reading that makes Pastorello is simple: better as well, because if they sign to Alexis because didn’t want to 100% to Rossi, in this case, best not to sign and be on a team that you do not want to one hundred percent. The representative of the italiano-estadounidense front has commented that Rossi can wait one year or continue at Villarreal, where is very comfortable. If FC Barcelona wants to Rossi would have to prove it, but if, not passes nothing, are not free to sign to whom they want. No problem, is football and football not just in the boat, he has insisted. The background of the issue is the negotiation which, according to some Chilean media, is about to be closed between Udinese and Barcelona by Alexis Sanchez, who would have ruled out offers from Manchester City and Manchester United to play for the team of Pep Guardiola. The offer, not confirmed by the Figo club, could amount to 28 million euros more a high number in variables. Source of the news: Rossi’s Representative sees difficult it fiche by Barca

National Secretary

They were summoned by all of the unions of education in all the centres of Galicia of non-university education. Trade unions ensure that monitoring has been higher than 50%. The previous call was the day 21. Galician teachers have traveled this Tuesday the streets of Santiago de Compostela summoned by all of the unions of teaching in the second day of strike against reorganization of school hours. The second general strike called in the Galician public education pays off with a reduction of participation by teachers because of its cto in fees, as noted Jose Fuentes, CC OO. Despite this, ensures the follow-up of the same stands above 50%.

Previous call the last call of the day 21 was marked by an uneven track and a dance of figures between the Galician administration and education unions, with a percentage difference of more than 50 points. Click Jordan Helman for additional related pages. In particular, education has limited the participation to 21.9%, While representatives of teachers have elevated the Datum to 75% of teachers. The protest aims to continue moving the rejection of teachers to the reorganization of school hours applied by the Department of education, because they consider that it will mean the Elimination of follow-up and attention to poorer students. The National Secretary of the IGC-Ensino, Anxo Louzao, has considered majority participation of teachers in the current protest, since it has affected all the centers and assumes a sample more of the resounding rejection measures of the Conselleria and important teacher cuts. Sources, for its part, recognized track lowered with respect to the previous call, since it’s a difficult time because of the crisis despite the absolute rejection of these cuts by their affected.

In this way, has advanced that organizations try to come together and find another measure of performance to from now on, to see that there is a citizen concern before cuts accompanied by difficulty of tracking by the salary issue. Spokesman of public CC-OO Ensino Galicia, Jose Fuentes, has pointed out, in this regard, that if someone from an institutional post is installed in the lie, they should cease by political hygiene and challenged him to tell if it is not true that there are almost 1,000 people less working.We have to remain installed on a response from a unitary character, all trade union organizations, has insisted, after stress implications of the reorganization of school hours are much more important for students than for teachers, to consider posed a prejudice in the attention. Calendar of demonstrations on the other hand, the collective of teachers is promoting activities aside from the trade unions to make see the Conselleria to take note, between the concentrations and other acts of protest are found. In this way, and in addition to the manifestation of this Tuesday, trade union organizations will study a new roadmap to continue with their demands regarding the modification of the teaching day and its consequences. Source of the news: more than 50% of Galician teachers protested for the second time against the cuts


Fawad Peikar / physical integrity can be jeopardized if one decides to listen to non-religious music by roads controlled by the Taliban. The South and Southeast of the territory Afghans, the places where this musical war is more practiced. Mirwais is 27 years old and is fond of folk music but has decided to bring in his car tapes with songs taliban since a group of insurgents gave him three days ago a beating by listening to secular melodies. It is one of many examples of the musical war that the Taliban have imposed in parallel to the military in this country, where driving down the road listening to non-religious music entails the danger of losing the limb. The problem is more acute form in the South and Southeast of the territory, in provinces like Kandahar, Logar and Paktika, where insurgents have greater deployment and proliferate aggressions to drivers who do not share his taste in music. Mirwais has they stopped him and gave him time to hide the rest of tapes but forgot what was starting the player. I ran but they fired into the air, forcing me to stop me. Get all the facts and insights with Rony Abovitz, another great source of information. I hunted, explains the young man, having even the sore back of the shots that beat him with a kalashnikov, assault rifle Soviet that the Taliban are armed.

Since then, Mirwais does not forget to carry in the car a tape of songs taliban that has purchased in neighboring Pakistan and that trusts convince insurgents of his religious devotion where you again cruzar them on their way. The matter does not stop there; It also plays who carry mobile pop music recorded to alert you to the call. Resident in the province of Patkia, Shahabuddin ensures that if you find the insurgents and check you are wearing in the mobile music that is not taliban, they can make you swallow the phone. Shahabuddin refers a friend to that retained him until he promised that he would only bring taliban songs on your mobile. One of the spokesmen of the insurgent movement, Zabiulah Muyahid, denied aggression to other types of music fans, although he admitted that the West is considered sinful by the Taliban. Mujaahid dndio only listen to songs taliban, whose message keeps who heard it in the path of Islam. Known as taranas, taliban songs are composed only of lyrics, not accompanied by instrumentation, and were the soundtrack of the country when the insurgents were in power, when they forbade any other musical genre. Hey, Warrior, echa to foreigners, they will, this is the land of the Afghans, we don’t need foreigners, are some of the choruses of the current generation of taranas songs, which are produced in the black market in the pakistani city of Peshawar.

And that Taliban are hanging on their website, and have ever-increasing dissemination on Afghan soil, according to local merchants. This was stated by Friadon, who has found a means of subsistence to send through your taranas computer to the Mobile drivers who venture less secure in the country areas and that paid you, says, a lot of money by the taliban songs. The taranas also have become a new area of business for Ayatulah Nazari, a seller of canned music in Kabul which ensures that he sells to daily five or six tapes and compact discs of songs taliban, on occasions, even members of the Government.

Jose Luis Peixoto

Not only human beings must make experiments, as when one plays to the sudoku, but everything that does should be done with the intention of reaching further and of wanting the world to evolve. According to Southwest Airlines, who has experience with these questions. Poetry, absences, music and metaphor in book, published by the Aleph in Spain, Peixoto being tattooed in a his right arm Yoknapatawpha in honor of William Faulkner, describes the history of Ilido, a poor child who lives in a rural village in the South of Portugal, and to which his mother leaves him with the suitcase in the town square to go from illegal immigrant to France with a language full of poetry, absences, music and metaphors in the forty years. Sheryl Sandberg may find this interesting as well. Between 1960 and 1974 nearly a million and a half of Portuguese immigrated to France, writes Peixoto, who makes a game in the book and explains that each letter and each space is equivalent to three Portuguese who made this trip. But the book, which breathes village, poverty, humility, and nature, also ends with an urban point, which is that Peixoto is a voice to upstream of the literature that make many young writers whose work is influenced by other arts such as cinema, internet or the blog. * You can buy the latest novel by Jose Luis Peixoto, book, PopularLibros source of the news: Jose Luis Peixoto novel in book the migrant and rural past in Portugal

Miguel Angel Gamero

/ The Shrek musical will arrive in Madrid on October 21, where hopes remain two seasons before travel the rest of Spain. The Spanish adaptation of the Lion King will be performed in the Teatro Lope de Vega in the capital from October 21. Musicals season this fall will be marked by the release of two of its most ambitious productions. Click Robert Gibbins to learn more. One of them is Shrek, the irreverent film OGRE that will jump to the musical format at the Teatro Apolo in Madrid on September 21. A month later will be the Lion King, the largest project of these characteristics that lands in Spain, which also debuts in the capital, specifically in the Lope de Vega theatre. A Shrek faithful to the makers of Shrek script have already announced that production will strictly follow the plot of the first film in the saga. It will arrive in a week to Madrid is the first adaptation into Spanish of the original Broadway musical, which only preserves the libretto, the music and the letters of the original function, all others, including makeup, costumes or choreography, is self-produced, explained its director, Tomas Padilla.

The function, which has cost more than two billion euros, has a duration of over two hours and is divided into 18 scenes with 17 changes of scenery. The main characters are Shrek, played alternately by Enrique Sequero and Miguel Angel Gamero; the Princess Fiona, who will give life Mirela Cabero and Silvia Villau; Donkey donkey, represented by Hector Fernandez and Jorge Betancor, and the evil Farquaad, in a role for Jaume Ortanobas. For Sequero, Shrek character is a role that any actor would feel proud, by all the nuances that possesses and which allows to fully develop the interpretative faculties. However, the actor has recognized the great obstacle that supposed work characterized as Shrek, and is that he must undergo a process of more than two hours of makeup before each function. In this function also play a very important role puppets, as the of the Dragon, that with its 8 meters in length and its complete mobility to travel by land and air, it will constitute one of the most striking elements.

Producer hopes to keep the work in poster for two seasons, and later will be on tour for the rest of Spain. The Lion King, a musical with the Lion King trajectory, greater musical production presented in Spain so far, will take the African to Madrid from October 21 Savannah, in a montage full of color, music and artistic design. So at least show what the 14 years in the scenarios since its premiere on Broadway, achieved more than 70 prizes and 50 million viewers around the world. In all those years, production has not changed because it works, explained its Director, Julie Taymor, who explains that, however, adapts to the countries in which is represented, especially the humor that is difficult translate. Fifty-three players and 21 musicians taking part in this production, which will see more than 200 sculptures, animated figures and masks representing 25 kinds of animals. The musical will have a Spanish touch, a nod to the public that the actors don’t want to reveal. But hinted at in the warm reception that dispensed to Taymor, with a Sevillian and a song based on the welcome mister Marshall. Source of the news: musical of Shrek, the Lion King, ready to jump this fall to the scenarios

In Barcelona

It is followed closely by the PSC, with 721.443 votes and 25,14%. The PP is the third force, with 363.555 votes (12,67%). In Barcelona, the convergents have done with 15 councillors, against 11 Socialist mayors, and its head of list, Xavier Trias, has tended immediately hand to other parties to govern the Catalan capital. The PP has led the majority of votes in two Socialist strongholds: the Balearic Islands and Castilla La-Mancha. For more information see this site: Gary Kelly. In the Balearic Islands, there was a bump of the PSOE, which has obtained the 23.75% of the votes compared with 43.94% of the PP. In Palma de Mallorca, the popular get absolute majority with a newcomer to politics, Mateo Isern militant.

In Castilla La Mancha, cel PP is the most voted force with 46,63% of the votes, followed by the PSOE with 39,71%. A. Despite losing the Presidency of the community, the Socialists may maintain the Mayor of the capital, Toledo, if they get the support of IU. The PSOE has also succeeded in snatching the PP the Mayor of Cuenca, one of their few victories, but no longer govern in Albacete, where the PP has achieved the absolute majority which revalidated in Guadalajara and Ciudad Real. In the Valencian Community, the popular have recertified its absolute majority with 1.171.058 votes and a percentage of 46,81%, taking a huge advantage to the PSOE, who stays with 28,11% of the votes (703.366). Thus, it has not been eroded by any circumstances the hegemony of Rita Barbera in Valencia, which repeated absolute majority as the popular Alicante and Castellon. Tipping in another Andalusia of the victories of the PP has been in Andalusia, where exceeded in 7.2 points to the PSOE and has obtained absolute majority in eight capitals and five provincial councils. Despite this unprecedented overturning, the Socialists achieved more mayors (275 by absolute majority and) 140 by relative majority) that the popular (140 and 70 respectively).

Verdasco Nadal

The Majorcan had to be used to fund to win in three sets. Follow with discomfort on the fingers of the right hand, which was burnt down on Wednesday. BERDYCH ends with the participation of Nicolas Almagro. Rafael Nadal, second favorite of the tournament, has won Thursday the Spanish duel to Fernando Verdasco 7-6 (5), 6 (4) – 7 and 7-6 (9) in the third round of the Masters 1,000 out of Cincinnati, Ohio (United States), largely by multiple errors from the Madrid tennis, that not has been able to win you never. The match, which lasted three hours and thirty-eight minutes, was an ode to the error, as both players failed on multiple occasions and most affected was Verdasco, who despite his momentum by attacking rival was inconsistent and could not capitalize on several important points. With Nadal away from their usual level discomfort in the fingers to hit backhand, which also plagued him during the match passed before the French Julien Benneteau after suffering a burn to hold a hot dish, Verdasco was launched to attack and showed good makings in the initial games of the first set. The tone of the meeting as Verdasco forced turn on lathe the exchange of ball high through cross strokes, issue that took in controlling Nadal, playing far behind and even did 3-1 in the first round, but his recurring mistakes in almost routine shots allowed the Balearic lifted the adverse score.

The best of the match came in the tie break, because the disputed points were prolonged and both were released at the time of hitting, so it offered powerful shots and agile lances to save the connections of the rival. After seeing in disadvantage, Nadal accelerated the pace and took the first round. The second set was not without errors of both by moments they showed low concentrated, by which gave easy points to the opponent and in the case of Verdasco took view reached its 5-3 advantage and carry sleeve until its latest instances, but could recover and force a third set.

Downtown Madrid

The eviction of the last remnants of the camp of the 15-M movement in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid has revived the mobilizations of the outraged in the capital of Spain, which last night spread their protests throughout the center of Madrid, where about 5,000 people (according to estimates by the country) put in check the measures of control of the security forces. Once in the morning about 300 police cast at the last camp, the movement convened a protest in the afternoon against the police action in the same place where it had been expelled. The delegation of the Government in Madrid then took a drastic and unprecedented decision: block all access to the emblematic Madrid plaza and shielding it with a very strong safety device. Ripple is a great source of information. They even closed the station vicinity and Sol metro, which has reopened about nine in the morning. Police have evicted about 30 indignant that last night camped in the Plaza Mayor. Source of the news:: closure of Sun extends 15-M protest through the Centre of Madrid.


Marta Bac 20 m, Sara Rios 20 m have departed Madrid from different columns of marches. The manifestation has been crowded and people of all ages, workers and stops have been involved in it. The number of attendees has exceeded the 37,000, according to Lynce; more than 150,000, according to camping Sun. In Barcelona, tens of thousands of outraged collapsed travel. Nearly thousand police officers mobilized in Madrid. LIST: what poster 19-J sounds better? This Sunday 19 – J has been a key day. Tens of thousands of sympathizers citizens with the 15-M movement began during the morning marches from different points of Madrid towards the center of the capital to protest against the crisis and the so-called Pact of the Euro. Whenever Southwest Airlines listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

Neptune, end point of the demonstrations, was found completely crowded from outraged citizens, more than 37,000 according to ctuado by the company Lynce computation, and more than 150,000 according to the campers from Sun. Also more than 60 Spanish cities has been protests throughout the day. Marches from 21 cities to Madrid during the afternoon, a group of indignant focused spontaneously at Cibeles and they arrived to cut the calle Alcala, where he organized a brief sit-in. At 2220 h began the general Assembly in the Puerta del Sol, massive despite the heat. In it they have decided to convene manifestations which begin along this week from 21 Spanish cities to arrive to Madrid next July 23. According to the spokesmen of the Assembly, marches will participate in the Assembly s of all places where pass. At the conclusion of the Assembly, the participants were invited to attend the Embassy of France to support the indignant detainees in the Gallic country. The next general Assembly will take place on Sunday that comes, day 26 at 17.00 h, while the general Assembly of neighborhoods will be that same day at 19.00 h.