As of today, more and more people prefer to learn remotely, so should pay much attention to the proper design made tests. On the example tests in mathematics, we try to consider how to properly write the solution of the issue and a notebook with a control on the subject of mathematics. Word of mathematics involves the mathematical analysis, geometry and algebra. Begin to address the problem in reference work in mathematics is important only after you have disassembled typical examples, the theoretical material studied in Mathematics, proreshali problems for his own self. In the control work on the subject mathematics should be done all the tasks. Tests on the subject of mathematics, not having all the problems or do not conform to the specified option is often not checked, that is not counted.

When making a control works on the subject of mathematics should also pay attention to the fact that unsolved problems were recorded in full compliance with the conditions of the problem. Also, before writing the solution of this condition should be written problem, according to the specified option in mathematics. Performing tests in the math, pay attention to the correct execution of work, otherwise, even if all problems are solved correctly, the work will not include. Making monitoring work in mathematics, we must carefully state solution to the problem, in that case if necessary, to refer to the appropriate formulas, theorems, which are used to solve the problem. Graphics, drawings and other types of items that you need for an explanation of the solution should be well executed, and contain a notation of the coordinate axes, the scale unit and other necessary parts, since this requires a discipline, like mathematics. Tests in mathematics should be done with blue, black or purple ink.

In the notebook, where the work will be performed in mathematics, you should leave the fields that have a width of 3-4 cells, and after solving the problem must be left where reviews will be made or comments on your problem. The cover should clearly indicate the name and patronymic of the student, student's record-book number, home address, name performed by discipline, for example, the control work in mathematics and the number of control work. These requirements should be done when you make a reference work on the subject of mathematics. However, under the control work on mathematics does not necessarily solve the problem in a strict order of their numbering. Take up the challenge and did not immediately find ways to solve it is better to postpone it to the side, and set about the task at that time, you more understandable. The subject of mathematics is an exact science, therefore it does not tolerate approximate answers. Completed test papers on the subject of mathematics should be sent for review. Correction of errors in decision tasks, as well as control protection for mathematics is done during the session.