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Make tinted car windows with his hands (not using the services of auto service shops) is very simple and cheap. For the successful implementation of the activities you will need: patience and accuracy, as well as: 1. Film for toning – a roll is usually enough for 4 side windows. 2. Rubber spatula, complete with a plastic scraper film is – in case of emergency is also nice, but it leaves mikrotsarapiny. 3.

Stationery knife – knife going in Included with the film for tinting, blunts and quickly begins to tear the material. 4. Detergent or shampoo. 5. Dry, lint-free rag.

6. Clean warm water. 7. Spray. Tinted windows of the car is better to make a friend in dust-free environment. If in the street, in a nice, calm weather. It is also useful to use the construction, installation or household dryer for quick drying car windows. At the beginning of seals and remove all my carefully intended for tinting the windows with the use of detergent. Especially good to rinse the corners. Then diluted soapy water (detergent or shampoo to clean) with warm water and pour this solution in a spray bottle. Spray the outside of the newly washed windows with soap and water applied to the film dubbing it a layer of dark inside, transparent layer outward. It is important not to confuse the party! To make it easier orientation, where some party, you can barely stratify the film from one angle. Attached to the glass and cut the film alignment, leaving all the edges of the film stock is about 1 cm then spray the soap solution inside of the glass. Then quickly (yet not had time to dry glass!) Separate the dark layer of the film, parallel to its dampening solution from an atomizer. This part is advisable to make together: a strong holding a transparent layer and the second pulling gently sprinkles and dark fiber. Are putting a dark layer to wet the inside of the glass. Again, it irrigates the spray. Then superimpose it on a transparent layer (to protect film from mechanical damage) and start with a rubber spatula to smooth from the center to the edges. Getting rid of air bubbles and smooths up until starts to fall off dried transparent film. Removing it cuts the protruding edge of the dubbing of the film, carefully guiding a sharp knife along the edge of the glass. If there is a hairdryer, then dry the glass around the perimeter. If not, then close the door and proceed to the next glass. Within two days recommend not to insert seals on the doors and not open toned glass.

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This is a parody of what is going on inside the building, said Clare Smith, a British of 27 years who has participated in this protest. Remember, remember the Fifth of November sing in the United Kingdom to remind the Guy Fawkes conspiracy and his attempt to fly the Parliament with King James and all the Protestant aristocracy in its interior. Will be recalled on March 2 with songs in honor of a day in which capitalism was refounded? Unlikely. If we think that Fawkes fought with Spanish troops in the Netherlands for what. The London G-20 Summit has begun with an optimistic message from Premier British and host of the event, Gordon Brown, who has ensured that there is a high degree of consensus among the heads of State and Government on how to cope with crisis and global economic recovery. In the run-up to the Summit have been marked two distinct positions: on the one hand, the Franco-German axis, which refuses to inject more public money, and the United States-led and which is followed by United Kingdom, than It seeks to boost the economy with investment to accelerate growth.

Adds that Brown pointed out, that the text that has been circulating already reflects a very high degree of consensus and agreement between all of us, to officially open the first plenary session of the Summit. Flanked by the US President, Barack Obama, and his Minister of economy, Alistair Darling, Brown declared that this is an opportunity for countries jointly seek ways to rebuild our global economy and so they found that global problems need global solutions in his brief opening statement, Brown gave the floor to responsible for multilateral institutions so that they comment the contents of the draft drawn up two weeks ago by the Ministers of economy and finance in what refers to the issue of protectionism, which he described as a shared concern.

The crisis is now compounded because banks do not pay enough money, but Governments have injected them and injecting billions of euros. The European Commission has accused the banks of prolonging the crisis by not granting appropriations and the Finance Ministers of the European Union have asked formally to lend money to revive the economy. The Minister of Finance of the Czech Republic (country that presides over the Union until July), Miroslav Kalousek, has clarified that the Bank recapitalisation should not serve to meet the needs of capital, but to lend to the real economy. The money that Governments give to banks is not to solve their problems of balance sheets but to revive the productive economy. In the European Union and United States are granted fewer loans.

It is a fact. And it is also resent that enterprises and consumption. Why banks provided less? Bankers say that industrial production has fallen, unemployment has climbed and descended consumption, so it is prudent to curb credit. Cae industry demand and consumption, and motivates credits will not occur, or not grant credits causes the fall of demand and consumption? Banks lend much less money that a year ago. Perhaps, say critics and heterodox, they the liquidity is achieved with government aid to meet future debt maturities saved under the camouflage of banking prudence? Remember the beginning of the crisis in the United States, when banks granted mortgage loans to anyone. Prudence shone by their absence.

And also occurred on the other side of the Atlantic, allowing us to conclude with the Spanish professor of Economics Juan Torres that there was greed of bankers by placing all possible credits. To whoever. The European and U.S. banks built a huge financial bubble that burst liquidity and solvency. In Spain, for example, in six years (until 2008) credit granted by banks and savings banks passed 700 billion euros to almost two billion euros.