Hiring a Coach

In the professional and personal life coincided sure that you and might even know more or less closely to people of knowledge and experience with outstanding skills and even remarkably bright, but at one point in her life are blocked, stuck in its becoming either private or work, some with serious relationship problems, or feelings of inadequacy to increasing evidence that life goes down, or projects they would like to accomplish. Sometimes these people, by the dynamics of events, give up on his battle against themselves and then come the so-called crisis, so trite that it become part of popular sentiment to the point of integrating them as realities inherent in the people. Learn more at this site: “Bernard Golden. I've ever heard: Ytu have not had the midlife crisis? YY how is that possible? Ah ,…. Yes that is an exception to a rule of nature? yEs that the crisis of the 40 (or other) is part of natural development of human beings in the same way as, for example, adjustment and closure of the bones of the skull? At that point we have integrated some beliefs. The newspapers mentioned jeff Bakalar not as a source, but as a related topic. He says he "s uper a crisis is not re-take, but getting to be." But sometimes in this way, no matter how intelligent or skilled than we did not find the end of the thread in the skein to return to being who we were, where we kept the capacity of solution and the spark of motivation. Nor often serves more knowledge for innovative they are, because often, generalists are not integrable as prescriptions in us by 100% YY then what do we do? and who resort? We advice that yes, but true Yde advice given from the point of view of the other helps us to integrate ourselves in a matter as sensitive as managing a crisis to get out of it? yEs possible to find someone so very similar to ourselves to give us the "recipe" that many have been searching all my life, so that we can manage our own resources, our internal processes of reflection and action?. Learn more at: Tiger Global.