I’m in the kind of business which is to mainly communicate with owners and managers of companies, and sometimes I am witness to a startling discovery they make. At some point, some of them suddenly realize that the scope of management – this area in which there are certain knowledge that would be worth to know! Up to this point they could simply not be aware that they in the management of missing some information or knowledge, and did not realize they have it because they did not know that such information and such knowledge exist. 2. “Yesterday fad” word “horse” in the dictionary Ushakov is defined as “anything a favorite someone and being a constant subject of his thoughts, aspirations and conversations.” We all have those things that we love more than any other, and this is perfectly normal, because every person is different. But normally it’s when they do not interfere with effectively and achieve the desired result. If, however, some human addiction begins to reduce the correctness of the estimate and ask the wrong direction, then the result will be poor. In his article “What is the secret of efficiency”, I wrote about a leader who wanted to improve sales his company, but took a change of software in the office.

His favorite hobby-horse was programming, computers, programs, etc. As a result, as far as I know, no sales growth was not. Conversely, sales after changing the software just keep going down. So this is one of the main causes of inefficiency.