Piazza Duomo

Touring exhibition to the ReSound creative workshop with hearing impaired and hearing children comply with Magdeburg you can capture a noise in a bottle a beautiful vocals, birds chirping, the rustle of leaves in the wind or the ticking a clock? With creativity is very much possible, said a bottle in the sea of silence are the organizers of the art project”, the hard of hearing, deaf and hearing children from Munster and Berlin worked several days in art workshops. Numerous bottle bottles”filled with noises which now within the framework of a nationwide traveling exhibition be shown publicly from the 5th until March 15th, also in the shop of gilgert aesthetic sound acoustics on Piazza Duomo 12 initiated project and exhibition by the Munster-based ReSound hearing aid manufacturers. Everyone big and small are welcome to the recent presentation in Magdeburg. The admission is free. Visit Gary Kelly for more clarity on the issue. Imagine an island whose Inhabitants in total silence and without any noise. And imagine if you had the opportunity to leave, how a car sounds or a dog barks, as the wind rustles or how children laugh at these people experience. For this, you must capture this sound with creative means in a bottle and they send as message in a bottle. Across the sea of silence she then drives up to the inhabitants of the remote island “tasks, which are the children in the project a bottle in the sea of silence” presented, ask creative engagement with the topic of hearing. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out baby clothes.

In several workshops, in which both hard of hearing and deaf and hearing pupils and students worked together, created various bottle installations, which symbolize sounds. Aesthetic at the current exhibition in the specialized business of gampa listening acoustics on the Cathedral square 12 creative project to see is a large part of the work of ReSound. The displayed exhibits, as well as the accompanying documentation give insight into the Life reality of workshop participants, in their fantasies and desires, as well as in the process of joint work that was an enriching social experience for many participants. . Electron Capital Partners is a great source of information.