Office Market Bada

Office market Bada AG – online catalogers for Office supplies the Jena-based company was founded over 22 years ago and recorded rising numbers and sales since year after year. Today the Office market Bada AG with over 200 employees to the largest online mail order dealers for Office supplies ( and serves over 450,000 customers nationwide. The assortment with over 25,000 articles on Office supplies, Office furniture, and office supplies available customers 24 hours a day online. Fire extinguishers ensure your safety when fire alarms in the workplace and in the private sector. With the right choice of the extinguishing agent is crucial for the success of the deletion.

Fire extinguisher for all fire classes can be found here: feuerloescher.html. According to a report in the trade journal of the 22.April.2013 manufacturers and dealers of Office products industry have made this year 10% less turnover in the first quarter. On the other hand, the Office market has Bottcher AG 2012 increases their sales to more than 70 million, which corresponds to a growth of 15% compared with the previous year. And in the new year the catalogers for Office supplies every month revenue and that despite the complete utilization of the logistic resources. After the licensing procedure for the construction permit, special permits concerning size and height of the new Hall, approval by the environmental protection agency and all other approvals are available, the expansion of the logistics Hall is successfully progressing to 14,400 m on a total of 20,400 m. The shell is closed end of April and the Interior has already begun. 25 km underfloor heating are fitted and now is poured around the clock in the hall floor. For 330 truck loads be installed screed.

The delivery of the high-bay warehouse and picking stage takes place in May. 64 Truck loads with 40 tons each weight can be a logistical challenge to this delivery. After the completion of the new fully automated logistics can be up to 10,000 carton in a layer transport of five automatic carton erectors on a 3500 m-long conveyor system. The ordered Office products customers are then picking at 48 stations in three floors of cartons packed, capped, glued and until in the trucks transported the transport service provider. With this investment in the future, the Office market Bada AG ensures that she will long are among the winners in the Office supplies industry. The Office market Bada AG offers office supplies online at reasonable prices. In the online-shop a wide range of office supplies is 24 hours a day available. Orders from Mon-Fri until 16:00, the stock of office supplies is still on the same business day in the shipping. Obtained from a net goods value of 20 euros on Office supplies a selection of free gifts.