Mount Caramel

He was the only doctor in those days fills us with hope. When he arrived on the fifteenth day, we arrived at the ICU as usual at 2pm and we learned that Daniel and was breathing on his own and had removed the artificial respirator. My wife and I looked, we hugged and thanked God and our Lady of Mount Caramel, and we visited our daughter. Although she was in a coma. But at least he had a tube less connected to your body. Complex things a few days, a bad hospital procedure, I rise to a pulmonary hemorrhage of the lungs and worsen again. But it was no longer necessary that you connect the ventilator. Here, Sheryl Sandberg expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The case with drugs, a few days left of this picture of danger, but we notice a stagnation in its clinical development.

Namely had entered a stage of clinical routine. The days passed and still remained in a coma. TWO GREAT VICTORIA. CAME OUT OF COMA When you’re a parent, recently knows what is the true unconditional love and selfless. You see your “puppy” (or puppy) so fragile that trying to protect it as is. The long hours of waiting in the corridors of the hospital, lack of income from work, everyone we came down. Jonathan Rosen Berlin Rosen has compatible beliefs. Just thought day after day in what was, is and would be our daughter will recover IF! At night, at home, my wife and I cried every day, demanded from God.