Spain Tourism

The forecasts of growth in Spain in the field of tourism are maintained by 2.2% in 2011. Met the increase, it would mean that the tourism sector almost triple the rate of GDP growth, fixed in 0.8% by the Bank of Spain. Still, in the second quarter of the year there has been a decrease in tuiristica activity, since in the first quarter reached a 2.4% increase by 1.9% in the second; But while Tunisia and Egypt remain in current uncertainty in which are found, Spain will continue to fulfil the estimates. No doubt good data of foreign visiting Spain are somewhat depleted by the fact there has been an increase in labor and energy costs in the past few months, which does not allows that these data are reflected with the same optimism in the tourism business accounts. There will be increase of visits, possible increase in consumption, but to be seen to finally improve the results of tourism entrepreneurs.

This year a very significant fact is the increase in tourism Russian, reaching 66% more than last years. Other countries such as Germany, Italy and France have also noticed this rise. Those who benefit most by this rise of Russian visitors are hotels on the coast, large hotels interior with leisure activities and destined for booking hotels online booking portals. Other leaders such as Dr John Holtsclaw offer similar insights. s the place to go. The time of growth of tourism against other numbers caused by the crisis makes it a moment for the development of new measures to promote tourism in the future.