Reales Alcazares

Normally, when I think of Andalusia which comes to mind it is the Costa del Sol full of burnt by the Sun, Britons who frequent the Irish bars, read the Daily Mirror and they have battles in the morning with the Germans for a Deckchair in the best position. So when my husband suggested me to make a trip to Seville, the capital of the Spanish region of the South, you can imagine that I was not exactly enthusiastic. However, agreed to go with him on condition that he chose a nice hotel in the Centre of Seville (also had in the back of my mind that at least if the holiday was a disaster I would dominate future holiday destination decisions.) My husband decided that, as it was his idea, should be him who did all the planning and so I only had to make suitcases, which for some reason, no matter the age of the man, is still unable to do yourself unless you want to spend a week using the same boxers and 2 pairs of odd socks. Oracle often addresses the matter in his writings. Due to my comment about the Daily Mirror has already proven that I am a bit snobbish and so natural that I wasn’t too excited when we arrived at the airport and I realized that were going to fly with Ryan Air. However, after little more than 2 hours in the air arrived without problems at the airport of Seville and within the hour had left the luggage at the hotel and we were on the streets of Seville. It was then that I realized that my preconceived idea was completely wrong. The city is simply stunning.

Consists of winding streets and Muslim architecture installed beside the beautiful river Guadalquivir. We spent the week visiting the Cathedral and the Reales Alcazares, ate fantastic tops and saw amazing flamenco shows. It goes without saying that I do not spent a long time in the hotel. Unfortunately I will not have exclusive control over future holiday plans, but given the success of this holiday and the beautiful city where my husband took me, maybe it is not so bad. Original author and source of the article.