Concept Schmitz

Nonprofit Bremen child listening Centre is ‘TOP professional 2013/14’ for almost a year there is the child listening Centre Schmitz in Leher Heerstrasse 23 long has been the regional unique and institution largest of its kind nationwide established as a point of contact for reduced hearing children and young people and their families. And also can convince the non-profit working Centre: at the beginning of the month it was AUDIOLOGIST titled TOP 2013/14 “honored. Hearing care professional master and Padakustiker Uli Schmitz, initiator of the child listening Center and owner of hearing-acoustics Schmitz, took the prestigious award during a gala event in Dusseldorf from the hands of movie star Heiner Lauterbach. And Schmitz could rejoice twice: in addition to the child listening Center, launched by him also his hearing-acoustics specialist shop in Rotenburg was awarded. Since last spring, families get a with hearing-impaired children in the child listening Centre Schmitz holistic care and accompaniment by an in-house listening acoustics team of qualified Padakustikern. In addition to expert advice and modern Audiology standards, the facility offers above all a place where you feel truly at home children and young people.

Ball pool, climbing wall, sensory toys for all ages, a “wall of the senses”, a painting corner and many other things make any appointment for the small guests a real experience and raise false fears not. The new concept is not only in the entire region of Soltau to Bremerhaven. The non-profit employees Center convinced also the strict judges for the TOP professional 2013/14 “. To get the coveted award of the BGW-innovative market research Institute, hearing-acoustics specialist shops in a rigorous, multi-stage procedure must contend. Individual performance is profiled. Neutral experts test the participating companies through its paces. What counts is a coherent Concept that offers real customer benefits. “Uli Schmitz: A great recognition for our courage and new ways for lots of Herzblut” In a gala evening few days ago in the Hyatt Hotel Dusseldorf Uli Schmitz then the coveted certificate receive took.