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Step One – choose a profile. System width boxes of 68 mm. and more. Please note that there are only due to the width of the box, rather than boxes and shutters. Because this figure to minimize the probability of loss condensation on the slopes in the cold season. This is especially true for PVC and aluminum. Since these profiles as a whole has a higher price, the less likely to receive low-quality profile. Step Two – choose windows.

Windows. Triple-pane windows of the total thickness of 32 mm. and above (either + glass windows – a Finnish-Swedish version of the design of the window). And it's better to put a low emissivity glass. Assurances that enough single-chamber glazing with low emissivity glass – leave it to those who want to save money on himself. Why – because the warmer the glass in the window, the more comfortable around him is. And then it is today for warmth paid over squares area in the apartment, and what will happen tomorrow? Different glass windows – it's too much, well, most can put windows in the first glass of 6 mm. (Or thicker), everything else is meaningless.

Better insulation – is the maximum the distance between the outer glass, and if it is equal to 32 mm. – Something that would get rid of noise, you only need to change the design of the window. Good characteristics of noise are obtained in the area of 80 mm. And best of 300 mm. Ie provided equally good seal valves, two glass Stalin with a distance of 300 mm.

Greening the office can be done in two ways – individually, and the standard specification. Individual planting involves the selection of ornamental plants, planters, arrangements of ornamental plants exclusively under the office of the customer. Landscaping, the project location of plants, rendered in photographs the office of the customer, and ornamental plants to be ordered based on the specific environment of the office. Greening the office of the standard specification less cost to the customer. This landscaping involves familiarization with the client's standard business selection of ornamental plants, of which he can choose AH itself most suitable options. Is easier to perform landscaping, ornamental plants, pots and composition of the ornamental plants are readily available and their cost is much cheaper. Greening the VIP area, for example, can be Ordered individually, and gardening staff offices – the standard specification. Contact the GrinInterior, and we will find the best landscaping for you.

Modern office landscaping, interior design, home, apartment combined with various decorative accessories: fountains and waterfalls, struts and springs, different kinds of lights. There are lots of types of modern landscaping office, even the vertical: Decorative plants are located in a special tube, mounted on a wall, and grow from them at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the floor. Modern landscaping office is unprecedented beauty and decorative screens, braided alive plants! Such a screen can isolate the area of negotiations, part of the hall in a house close unsightly pipe in ofise.Ozelenenie office with the Studio "GrinInterior" – a modern phytodesign different specialists and work within signed contract! Greening the office sometimes due to the fact that fitodizaynery face with ancient pagan superstitions, with undeserved bias to a particular ornamental plant. Fitodizaynery Studios "GrinInterior" always provide truthful information on all ornamental plants, with no deviation in superstition and help clients make the best choice for greening the office.