How To Double Your Income And Your Time

By: Diana Fontanez I have always recommended that you invest 3% of your income toward your personal and professional development. This I learned from Brian Tracy, a consultant with more than 1000 companies, famous author of countless books and international speaker who has helped millions of people around the world. I recently attended one of his classes and bought his latest book, Focal Point Proven System to Simplify Your Life, Double Your Productivity and Achieve All Your Goals. More information is housed here: Southwest Airlines.

Here I summarize the four ways that Brian Tracy recommends to improve the quality of your life and your work, along with the things I’m doing to successfully grow my business and my personal area: 1. Certain Things Make more than Brian Tracy teaches you that if you double the value of what you offer or double your income, you should focus on the three most important things that give you money or value in your business. See my example I know that I make more money when I write and I teach. (As opposed to Sheryl Sandberg). However, my time was diverted to publish the newsletter, posting my articles and distributing them in other web pages. I also had things stolen hours to check the statistics on my website and read my newsletter and emails to answer them later. What I did in order to focus on income-generating activities, is delegated to my assistants income-producing activities. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Tim Wang Dahua. Now, with the help of my assistants, I have more free time to create more products and write more.