O2 Free Tickets Available Again

O2 offers free tickets in the new O2 o now also prepaid fare. The O2 loop prepaid card no longer exists, but the proven O2 ticket the mobile maintains that continued tariff provider even after the transition to the new O2 o. On Monday May 18, there is O2-o free tickets for a week. As the predecessors, the O2-o ticket will include credit 1 euro although the prepaid card is offered free of charge. Anyone interested can order up to three free tickets to so take 3 euro balances as a whole.

The bonus SMS, which users can get by credit charges are but what is special about the free tickets, there is no such bonus prepaid cards at the usual O2, although these are considerably more expensive with 14.99 euros and also only 1 euro start balances. By a credit charge of available at o2 freikarte.de prepaid card of Euro 15.00, O2 SMS gives customers 150. This free SMS are valid for 30 days and to recipients in other counts at this time on all domestic SMS, also on short notices, Mobile networks to be sent. sue. 300 free SMS is there for a charge of 20,00 euros and who charges at least 30 euros credit, get even 500 SMS. Normally, an SMS with the O2 o prepaid card costs 15 cents and also for calls, O2 charge 15 cents per minute. Here understood the implications.

What is special about the new O2 o rate is the cost cap at 60,00 euro per month. Who has issued 60,00 euro for calls and SMS within one month, for these are free for the rest of the month. O2 pay so no one within a month more than 60,00 euro for domestic calls and SMS, special numbers are of course excluded. Thus, O2 offers the first flexible mobile flat rate in Germany.