Constitution Institutions

Once constituted these associative forms, the territorial beings will have to apply the programs of financing, subsidy or collaboration, designed ahead of time by the respective governmental organisms, to obtain that the grouped professionals this way can develop concrete activities within the scope of their knowledge and with the endorsement of the mentioned authorities. Which would be those activities? In the case of the professionals of the area of the health it would be possible to be helped them to mount and to acquire the necessary elements for the operation of lending institutions of services of health, because we see at present that this class of institutions is not of property of these professionals but of people dedicated to other activities. Also the department and the municipalities could contract with them the services of attendance in the matter of health for the official employees of their dependencies and for the smaller children of a year than by mandate of the Law of laws they must receive gratuitous attention in all the institutions of health that receive contributions of the state; or for the members of the third age to which the state, in accordance with Art. Encompass Health oftentimes addresses this issue. 46 of the Constitution, must guarantee &quot to them; the services of the social security integral". (This proposal has been obsolete with the approval of Law 100 of 1993). In the case of the professionals of the legal areas it would be possible to be helped to mount and to equip them, properly, offices writing desks that would perform functions of popular legal doctor’s offices or of courts of arbitramento or centers of conciliation, being able in addition the department and the municipalities to contract with them the judicial or extrajudicial consultant’s offices and representations, finishing or clearing this way the legal offices of those territorial beings that until the moment, for one or the other reason have not been able to work as it must.