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Logistics is used with the era of Napoleon, its principles are written in the ancient chronicles. Oracle contains valuable tech resources. Office of the movement to preserve the production), the corresponding operations with the documents – the task of modern logistics. Minimization various costs, optimize production processes and related services – the most important objectives of logistics. Widely distributed company, specialized in logistics firm with significant material flow are logistics service. These firms are now often equipped with all necessary equipment, and work is performed by competent logisticians.

Firms will be required competence levels, ranging from documentation and ending with the delivery of goods to their destination. Now in practice all the more firmly established notion of logistics as a single system. Common goals defined by the logistic approach, combined the required number of employees into a team. People often – in different ways see the word 'logistics', some association is formed only with storage of goods. It provides for more efficient implementation of all moments associated with the movement of goods in the warehouse. Logistics covers only all the processes occurring in the storeroom. In some cases it is better to rent a storage room in a special company. Need to reflect that it is better to lease storage space or spending more on transportation and loading.

Effectively organize the storage of goods and reduce spending on it, helps warehouse logistics. But improve and to other production processes, and therefore still apply and transport logistics. Transport logistics is widely used by transport companies in Krasnodar and elsewhere in Russia for transportation to oranizatsiizhd Russia, road transport, etc. Foundation of the concept of logistics is to minimize the routes of movement of goods, the logistics form the transport, storage, information, inventory and purchasing. Since ancient times in Russia employees engaged in logistics, the nuances of movement, storage of agricultural tax, acquire the entire power. A very long time to develop military logistics, has received a powerful impetus to development due to the direction of considerable amounts of military personnel. With issues of movement of financial resources, information flows have traditionally occupied by the information logistics today. Registration of customs documents – one more thing related to sending goods abroad. The current fine-developed logistics system effectively solves the above problem comprehensively, as a whole.