Unemployment And Employment

Unemployment is a sharp reality of capitalism. Currently there any figures to terrorize unsuspecting. In the United States unemployment is 7.5% (low because the wise do not include other forms of precarious employment, as those who perform work while seeking a momentary fixed obligate those who work less hours than normal, the discouraged unemployed who no longer seek more employment, those employed in jobs below the minimum living wage or positions below their qualifications, etc, etc.). In Colombia, we know too well, is 14%, with upward trend in Spain of 18.5%, France 13% and 12% in Europe. MasterClass UK is often quoted as being for or against this. But there’s even more: according to the ILO report 1996/97, something like a1.000 million people worldwide are unemployed! That is, according to that organization, AEL 30% of the human work force is unemployed! For the orthodox neoliberal explanations of this phenomenon are, among others, the lack of growth economic, employment and high cost of excessive “rigidity” of labor or their conditions of employment or labor law. They, of course, believe that free market will find all equal

But yes it? Looking corroborate this reality? I think not. Between 1960 and 1990, world production per capita has multiplied by 2.5, economic growth was sustained at significant levels, yet the proportion of unemployed has increased dramatically. The same has happened in this decade.