The People

It sees the degree reliable that God had for Moiss, to the point to say that Moiss would be rank for God (with capital letter) ahead of Fara, and, moreover, Moiss would have a prophet, we must know that the name prophet means. Therefore we must believe that through Moiss great things had been conquered, perpetual conquests. These we will see now. FIRST CONQUEST – the PHYSICAL FREEDOM AND SPIRITUAL the Bible tells in them that the faith that the people had for Moiss, was equalized the faith in God (sees Exodus: 31). Thus the people trusting God and Moiss, the midnight, leave the captivity and the slavery of Egypt, in search of the freedom of a land that emanates milk and honey, the engaged land.

With hundreds of years being humiliated and jammed by the slavery in Egypt, the people he lost the notion of what it was the physical freedom, of what was to be really free, therefore had finished for accustoming with a life of slavery, being forced to work to enrich the Fara. in the figure of Moiss, that generation proves of the true physical freedom, when being set free to go even so of Egypt. But its espritos still were imprisoned, we see that for some times they murmur and desire to come back to Egypt, and this in> If some thing of this making a mistake was alone to come back it Egypt and to be again enslaved of Fara. Then during about forty years a generation of prisoners spirituals a new generation of disciples of Moiss, free of the slavery and spiritual of the oppression died physically in the desert, being born. Yes! The physical freedom and spiritual were a perpetual conquest. THE SECOND CONQUEST – THE BOARDS OF THE GOD LAW Soon after the people to leave Egypt, God sees the necessity of commanding laws to them, so that they follow and thus they do not lose themselves and if they become a people any.