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It will go to pontuar that it has two entirely diverse divisions of the work: first, the social division of the understood work exists as complex system of all the different useful forms of work that are taken the handle, independently ones of the others, for private producers; second, it has the division of work and workers, each one of which executes a partial operation of a set of operations that are, all, executed simultaneously and whose resulted it is the social product of the collective work. (MARX, ‘ ‘ Capital’ ‘) Addend: Certain time, in a lecture given for the teacher of the Unicamp and PUC-Sp, Jean Marie Gagnebin, in Ouro Preto, the doctor affirms that one of the readings most important, that any thinker would have to make, would be, exactly, of Marx. GAGNEBIAN, if for some critics, was exaggerated in the communication and importance given to the workmanship, the least does not commit discourtesy none in the recommendation of the author, this, without a doubt, it is incisive tool as critical joint of the society as this, or, to use adorniano term, so that if it notices the meaconing of the masses. 3.1.1 A communication on ‘ ‘ The Capital’ ‘ We will make an analytical communication on the text of Marx, ‘ ‘ Wage, price and profit? , that ‘ meets in the collection; ‘ The Pensadores’ ‘. The accomplishment of the exposition of the arguments, for being analytical, considers as workmanship analysis, which is: Identification and classification of the elements; explicitao of the relations between such elements and recognition of the organization principles. Introduction. The analyzed text of Marx if divides of the following form: *Oferta and looks for; *Salrios and prices; *Valor and work; *Fora of Work; *A production of the more-value; *O value of the work; *As diverse parts where if it divides the more-value; *A general relation between wages, profits and prices; main *Casos of fight for the increase of wages or against its reduction; *A fight between the capital and work and its results; Notes.

The young believes to have the control of the situation, since, for the afrouxamento of ' ' Name; ' , he is delegated the proper young to establish the borders. We can infer of this reflection that the decline of the paternal function is sufficiently contributing and perhaps determinative factor in the insertion of the young in the world of the drugs. To delegate to the young the establishment of the proper limits can mean to condemn it damages many irreversible times. The lack of limits can conduziz it the search of dangerous and ominous thresholds. To speak to the young without paternal referencial on the harmful effect of the drugs they can send it the search to it of these effect, front to a life where the castration does not function as propeller spring for the construction of the citizen. From there the difficulty in the recovery of drug addicts elapses.

To speak of the evil can be incuo when what it searchs it is the proper evil in a incontida pulso of death. To also speak of limits it will be able to have little success, a time that such limits had been on account of the proper dependent, who defined that the limit is the joy, being that this does not have limits, since the unconscious one wants to enjoy always and whatever the cost. Bibliographical references: FREUD, Sigmund.: Beyond the beginning of Pleasure, in Electronic XVIII.Edio Volume. Rio De Janeiro: Imago Publishing company, 1969-1980. ___________: Badly to be in the civilization, in: Electronic XXI.Edio volume. Rio De Janeiro: Imago Publishing company, 1969-1980. LACAN, Jacques.O seminary book 11: the four basic concepts of the psychoanalysis. Rio De Janeiro: Zahar, 1979. FENICHEL, Otto.Teoria Psicanaltica of the Neuroses. So Paulo: Atheneu, 2000.

Ability to transfer annual leave are also not conducive to precise time of repayment obligations to pay employees vacation. Provision is created only for the payment of annual (basic and additional) leave and additional leave to workers with children. For other holidays (academic, artistic, etc.) the reserve is not created. This is due to the fact that in accordance with Section 14 P (s) A 1911 provision is created when you have as a result of past events obligations, repayment of which is likely to lead to a reduction of resources embodying economic benefits and its assessment can be defined settlement. However, payment for educational leave depends on the achievement, and provide the probability of granting sabbatical in general is problematic. That is to define the estimate provide for these holidays is almost impossible. With regard to social leave, they (except for the additional leave to workers with children) are known to be financed from the budget or the social insurance fund for temporary disability, and hence the establishment of a reserve to pay for them at the company does not appear. Provision Methodology provision for leave in the profile P (s) A 11 is not spelled out. It only indicates that the amount create a secured accounting recognizes expenses (Section 13 P (s) A 11). However, the description of the mechanism for calculating the amount of security for the payment of leave to employees includes instruction 291 in the table to sub account 471 "Ensuring the payment holiday" characteristic.

All these cases have great intersection in a certain degree of failure and suffering. We could dare to allege that the joy in the suffering starts before exactly of the desencadeamento of such dramas. The anonymity in chat does not leave of being auto-repression form, an imposed form of suffering proper itself for internauta, a mantenedor system of substitution of the previous sufferings. Such substitutions of suffering, could also be transferred to objects of desire or the not accomplished virtual relationships. This strategy in will send the diverse trends to them masochistic.

Freud declares that in the masochism ‘ ‘ The proper suffering is what it matters; to be intentionally it by whom he is loved or for that he is indifferent does not have importance. He can exactly be caused by being able impersonal or the circumstances; the true masochist always offers the face where she wants that she has chance to receive one golpe’ ‘. It seems us evident that the apparent search of the pleasure by means of interpersonal interactions in chats generates much more suffering of what pleasure, what does not mean that the citizen does not get satisfaction, taking itself in account the difference enters the concepts above. The suffering generated for the barriers, they are which will be, that many times make impracticable the consumption of what inhabits in the fancy of chat, as well as the consequences of this practical, many disastrous times in the life of adopt who them, seem to seduce the citizen, that it gets the joy in this dynamics. As mentioned in the introduction, he is risky specifically to attribute to a psychic structure such behavior, but it can be abstracted from this trend strong traces of masochism in normally unhappy citizens, but that it gets expressive joy in the compulsion and the repetition. Bibliographical references: Freud, Sigmund.: The Small Hans, in: Volume X.

Electronic Edition Rio De Janeiro: Imago Publishing company, 1969-1980.

' ' The reducional life adaptou it the especificidade the originalidade guarani. In this meeting forms appear of religious and economic life that hardly if they would outside understand of this etnologia.' ' (OLIVEIRA, 2004:46). But the religion was not alone instrument of this reducionista process. Another element importantssimo for the jesutico domain was for the way as the Jesuit soon arriving America was treating to learn the language of its future arms stops for in practical the missioneiro project. Clearly that it in such a way had the interest on the part of the Crown as of the Company of Jesus who the native ones soon learned the Spaniard. However for the Jesuits at a first moment it was important more than what of haste to learn the language guarani. Since in such a way the natives would leave most vulnerable dominating the language. On the other hand: ' ' In this direction, the learning of the language contributes to establish narrow relations with the guaranis that were not felt kept out of society by not saying the language of espanhol.' ' (OLIVEIRA, 2004:51).

In addition learning the language guarani penetrated deep together with its catequista didactics mesclando the catolicismo to all materiality and mentality in the daily one of guarani and its way to see the world. In the reduction process, it has a manipulation of these practical for a disfarado sincretismo, so that guarani to the few was coed-opt by practical the religious one of the daily one of the Jesuits. As in the sample Saints, (1998: 121), guarani at the hands of the Jesuits served to the interests of the Spanish crown defending the Spanish territory of possible Portuguese attacks, and also against other indians who if refused to be reduced, and even though of the considered subjects rebelled. Guarani missioneiro becomes subject of the Spanish Crown at a first moment under the monitoring of the Company of Jesus, until this had its missioneiro project visa as a State inside of another State, and in this case the Spaniard.