Akura Capital Management

Akura capital management AG: Akura III Sachwert plan and Akura IV Sachwert plan Wurzburg started in March 2010: the Akura has created with the Akura III Sachwert plan and the Akura IV Sachwert plan group two new high-yielding investment opportunities in this month. As well as the already placed products of Akura capital management AG and Akura II capital management AG, the Akura III Sachwert plan and the Akura IV Sachwert plan provide a highly diversified investment policy. The liquidity of the investors at the same time ensured through customer-friendly harvesting conditions. Diversification as a way to above-average yields sufficient collateral that investment strategy pursues the Akura group with the Akura capital management AG, as well as the Akura II capital management AG for about ten years with success. This month, the Manager of the Akura continue this proven investment policy with two new issues. Integrate a variety of asset classes, to the winning target of 9 to 18 percent as their predecessors the Akura III Sachwert plan and the Akura IV Sachwert plan to realize per year.

In addition to the cash purchases of real estate, the new emitted products provide investing in precious metals, as well as in fixed-income securities of profiled credit institutions. Also the opportunities arising from corporate investments and alternative investments in raw materials and energy sources, for example, take into account the two new asset plans of the Akura capital management GmbH. But the Akura group wants to convince investors not only with a diverse investment portfolio, but at the same time flexible and customer-friendly conditions. Investments in the Akura III Sachwert plan are already possible by 5,000 euros; from a one time investment the concept of the Akura IV Sachwert plan concedes even the possibility to participate in monthly rates assets from 25 euro to the yield prospects of the new product.