Spain Madrid, its capital;Seville, Andalusia, Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Galicia. Spain is renowned for its art, history, bullfights, beaches, delicious cuisine, flamenco, among other fine options. These lands have been one of the main cultural centres of Europe millennia ago. Its cities, host monuments of impressive artistic and historical value, not to mention the fantastic natural landscapes that this ancient peninsula possesses. Argentina Argentina, in South America, is a country where you can find all the beauty you are looking and very chosen in recent years by tourists. Rivers, sea, mountains, waterfalls, Sun, snow, delicious meals, tango and more. The most important to visit places are: the picturesque North (Jujuy and Salta), with its pincribles landscapes; Missions where you will find the Niagara falls; streams and mountains of the province of Cordoba; Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina ideal for shopping; the coast Atlantic, southern Argentina where you deslumbraras with the Perito Moreno and El Calafate, with fauna of Puerto Madryn and their delicious Welsh cakes. Drink mate, eat a roast rich and know the Perito Moreno will not be as expensive as you thought with the guide of 100 Tips for cheap travel, discover it in: thank you and have a good day!.