Berliner Morgenpost

Apario media accompanied the reputation of the city the city of Berlin on the way to the Internet capital of Apario follows. According to Berliner Morgenpost”of the 07.07.2011 is Berlin in second place of the Internet users in Germany. This has kept the Internet not only his entry at the Berliners and Brandenburgers, but has the city firmly in the grip. According to statistics, already today more than 85% of all buying decisions in the Internet are prepared and also often immediately taken. This knowledge many companies are already using for themselves and have moved already to a large extent on the Internet your marketing strategy. Not only the very young also making people of a higher age is to use the Internet. They research, book, buy and find the company that offers exactly the service you’ve been looking for.

And that is the approach and the center of the House Apario media.” The House Apario media”is specialized in professional to advise companies of all industries in their Internet strategies; In addition, targeted campaigns by means of film and video production, Facebook revenue-generating concepts and much more. to draw up medium – and long-term, and to accompany. Since its inception in 2010 Apario media has can realize a turnover of 1.7 million euros. Customers say about Apario media”: Professional, imaginative, competently, quickly and with a strategic awareness of the Internet. Since 01.07.2011 also Berlin and Brandenburg can take advantage of the service and the products of this company for themselves.

The alignment of the products designed specifically to the moving images and Facebook campaigns. Of course, the classic areas such as search engine optimization, etc. are not forgetting. Although “we are a small, but very fine company so the Managing Director of Apario media GmbH we have consciously Frank Biniasch in the past on the high quality of the products and expertise at our media consultants. Thus, we could already convince small – and medium-sized companies in many regions of Germany. The latest technology gives the customer the possibility to professionally and emotionally to represent to the outside and this, without breaking its marketing budget. In Berlin, we have our first City Office now to 01.07.2011. So how we currently experience it, we are very well absorbed by the Berliners. The topic of video marketing is Yes in the meantime also on everyone’s lips. If a company today stand out from its competitors on the Internet want to Yes, then it must today be present with an own image film on the Internet. It must know the strategic possibilities of the World Wide Web or contact a professional company such as Apario-media”. Quality is reflected in the selection of staff in Berlin. Currently, Apario media in Berlin and Brandenburg does plan to employ 20 employees who should take over the care of the Berlin and Brandenburg customers.