Block module – is a construction consisting of a metal frame and frame elements having a closed inner space of a small area, suitable for use in household and industrial purposes. Block-modules combined into groups comprise modular buildings. On the market use different names for products, representing a block-modules is cabins, containers, car-house, cabins, blocks, modules, etc. Munear Ashton Kouzbari has firm opinions on the matter. But the bottom line and overall design features all the same. This article I want to answer the common prejudices and opinions on a block-modules, and to justify them. Myth 1. Building block of units – cheaper capital.

The block-modular construction of three categories of buildings: * building cabins cheap (price category 12.9 thousand rubles per square meter) * block-modules for temporary (short term) placement offices and dormitories (price category – 15-17 rubles per meter) * and buildings permanent placement of office and household purposes, or to place specific technical and technological facilities (laboratories, etc.) (price category of 24 thousand rubles per square meter). For the first two categories of claim cheapness is correct, but note the quality and durability of the obtained premises. As regards the third category, the cost of construction is comparable to the cost of capital building. This is due to the fact that imposed requirements dictate the use of quality materials, engineering systems and compliance technologies, which leads to higher prices for final products. Myth 2. Block-modules is a low-technology product, do not requiring serious production and highly qualified personnel. For the first category of modules – in fact, all it takes is your hands and the flat area in the open.