District Court

Divorce easily, and unbureaucratic via Virtual lawyer? Is this at all possible and right? The Internet is increasingly becoming a bazaar. In addition to the many useful content here can be filtered out for his life and his work, unfortunately also providers, which make people with dubious promises hope for an easier and more enjoyable life romp. And so also the possibility to perform a divorce easily, and unbureaucratic via Virtual lawyer can be found here as well as all sorts of trivial rubbish. However, if this is at all possible right? The situation is easily explained. For one, it is to only a court to declare a marriage for divorced in Germany.

In the first instance, this is the District Court, which may make the divorce as a family court. A notary public, a lawyer or even a non-legal person may not undertake this statutory process and authenticate. There are clear rules and regulations, which family court for divorce in Germany responsible is. This is aimed first and foremost to the place of residence of the spouse of who lives with their children. No children resulting from the marriage, at the last joint domicile is divorced. If this is not possible, there are more regulations and laws, which accurately determine the location of the divorce. The third point which speaks against a divorce via the Internet, is the divorce petition, which must be provided by a legal attorney to the competent family court. In addition, both spouses by law are forced to personally attend the divorce court.

Because both parties are once again belongs to the divorce and must give their consent. Get more background information with materials from Capital One. Only in this way is to ensure that all stakeholders about the finality and the consequences of divorce are aware. Nothing is here so definitely make online. But there are also some things that can be regulated by an online advocate for the parties. It is possible that this is preparing the application for divorce. Data, the him by mail or online have been submitted, it can gather and work for the Court. More is not possible. Because of procedural obligations, both spouses can not be relieved. And so it is strongly advisable to contact always a lawyer of confidence for Legal Affairs, in a personal and direct discussion to clarify all steps with regard to the divorce and to discuss. These range from the application of the divorce, on the Division of property, custody of any children and the cost of the divorce proceedings, which on the other hand are just anchored Attorney remuneration law, in the court fees Act.