Economic Reality

And although that there was unanimity, some also urged to make a marking with name and surname – capitalist system – not to trust him. Tensions prior to the debate between countries of the Summit were even the knowledge of the Secretary-General of the Organization of American States (OAS), the Chilean Miguel Insulza, who participated as an observer of the Summit. Insulza, former Foreign Minister of Chile, was expressed against the insistence to include a condemnation of capitalism in the text of the resolution of the Summit. I do not think that it is in position to change the capitalist system.

There are a number of much more urgent modifications as the financial structures. But if She asked me if it will be a system of State ownership of productive assets, I think that, said Insulza. Stay well clear positions of Fernando Lugo (Paraguay), Evo Morales (Bolivia), Cristina Fernandez (Argentina), alvaro Colom (Guatemala), Manuel Zelaya (Honduras), Daniel Ortega (Nicaragua), Rafael Correa (Ecuador); and special envoys from Cuba and Venezuela, yes had to make political pronouncements regarding an only guilty, according to them: capitalism, neoliberalism is referenced that the President of Bolivia Evo Morales this especially felt: I was surprised the statement by the King of Spain when he said that there are serious international financial turbulence, said Morales, in allusion to the words than the earlier pronounced the King at the official dinner of the event. (But) more than financial are problems of capitalism. Capitalism not only brings financial crisis, also brings an energy and ecological crisis. We are obliged to work together, but to think of saving capitalism us somewhat. Salute to the regions concerned about raising new forms of changes, A Morales supported the President of Argentina, who launched one of the most acute criticism to capitalism.