Face To Face With The King Of The North

Not for the faint-hearted: in the snowy Canadian distance, you can feel the breath of polar bears formilch. Without hesitation Tomas Philipson explained all about the problem. King of the North which is considered absolute Mecca of polar bear watching town of Churchill in the Canadian province of Manitoba. Actually you otherwise nowhere so close is the white giant in the Hudson Bay freezing to. (bfs) polar bears can come out amazingly long without food. Up to five months endure the fur-bearing animals on the Canadian Coast, before the first ice is formed and they can make hunting on Robben again. The bears need ice floes and fields as base stations on the water, to get to loot. What represents a redemption for the animals after the time of scratching, means above all for travellers: a 99-percent guarantee of the polar bear. From mid-October until the end of November, you can hardly miss the fur bearers stray close to the shore around.

The base for excursions to the coastal strip is mostly the town of Churchill. The 800-inhabitants town, in the province of Manitoba at the Hudson Bay is located, itself proudly calls polar bear capital of the world”. In fact, two-thirds of the global population in the Canadian Arctic live, but precisely what makes this place so special? The answer is the eponymous River. It flows here into the sea and provides with its freshwater for faster ice attaches than anywhere else on the coast. There is however no road to Churchill, and the journey by train from the approximately 1000 km from provincial capital Winnipeg takes about 48 hours. Therefore, a Charter flight from Winnipeg represents the fastest and most convenient arrival. In the summer a variety of bird species and beluga whales attract nature lovers from all over the world, but in the cold season the Eisbaren revolves around easy: accommodations are named after them and every day numerous Tundra vehicles break up with adventurous tourists to observe on the coast.