Federal Constitution

After the sprouting of the civil society, an organization more complex human being appears, the State. The State is the institution of public law that is assured legally in laws, in democracy-representative Brazil of , arrives it the power politician using itself of ideologies and representative mechanisms – the political parties – that they possess legal legitimacy (Federal Constitution Art. 17) and popular recognition. Political parties are> equality of all before the law is class representative, that is, is applied since the instauration of the police inquest in accordance with the social classroom which the individual belongs. The declared Brazilian legal equality in the Federal Constitution of 1988 is one of the values of citizenship.

In Brazil exists a real citizenship? Already we had regimes monarchic, republican politicians, to militate and say to live in the democracy, but all these moments politician-description had been different forms of guarantee and efetivao of social or right lacks? In Brazil we need the change of regimen politician or the establishment of social justice?> The Brazilian system of justice is a control mechanism created by the dominant minority, happened of democratic bases, but with authoritarian functioning. For assistance, try visiting Robert Gibbins. In this manner, the Brazilian population was to the edge of the elaboration and the legitimacy of the structural process of the Country, what it causes to the not-identification of the yearnings of the Brazilian people in the laws and norms that are created by the Legislative one. This not-identification of the people with the established rules of law is one of the factors that the system becomes inefficient politician in the concretion of the Brazilian citizenship. In the scope of justice, one of the problems hugest, is the security. The State possesss national sovereignty and international, that is, the supreme law, the control of all the social facts of the Brazilian nation, but the organized crime has created a parallel power to the State, until more organized of what the proper one to be able state. If the Brazilian State is sovereign, why armed minorities close the entrances and exits of communities and quarters for there undeniable that is the legal device that selects facts, accuses involved in the crime, that make confrontations of witnesses, expert reports, takes depositions As he observes yourself, in the hierarchy of verification of crimes, the only protagonists of the process are the judge and the promoter, the policy, that makes everything does not possess social recognition not even as coadjuvante.