Foreign Capital

ETL provides mezzanine capital for the past few years of crisis have weighed heavily on the economy. As a result, German companies already below average compared to other international capital has melted further. This is considered just the height of the economic capital of banks and savings banks as an important indicator of financial stability. Against this background, mezzanine capital has developed to a popular financing alternative as it is recognized by banks and savings banks as economic equity. Currently many mezzanine provider withdraw but from the market, because they have suffered shipwreck with their programs with serious consequences for the borrowers: because who has, expect to be able to extend the duration of its participation, confronted now with the full repayment of his involvement. Contrary to this trend continues on the ETL equity capital program the ETL group and offers its capital employees even extensions for running off in the future Investments. The ETL equity capital program awards investments in magnitude of EUR 50,000 to 250,000. The application is easy, financing decisions are made promptly.

With the mezzanine capital made available, small and medium-sized enterprises can increase their equity and thus improve their rating. A good rating in turn is the key to the foreign capital. Because only companies with a positive assessment receive loans. In addition a good bargaining position with credit insurers, leasing companies and suppliers can reduce the costs of further financing. And the ETL equity capital program offers a benefit. It requires no provision of securities and leaves unchanged the structures of society. Contact us, we like to give a contact! Torsten Bogausch Schmidt & Partner GmbH Steuerberatungsgesellschaft branch Weisswasser of Bautzner Strasse 38 02943 Weisswasser Tel.: 03576/2839-0 fax: 03576 / 283930 Internet: sp white water email: