German Companies Run Championship

The beverage producer Christinen Brunnen and B2RUN GmbH & co. KG enter into a partnership of four years. Munich / Bielefeld: Participants of the German companies run Championship be supplied in future Premiumgetranken Christinen. The Unternehmen is a financial contribution in favour of the B2RUN Charitypartners RTL in addition we help make children. Carsten Hess is Managing Director of Christinen Brunnen since September 2012, and he proposes a new, sporty way. This proves, anderem cooperation with B2RUN, which is designed first to four years.

Core partnership is the participants catering to the future ten B2RUN locations with Christinen mineral water and soft drinks. “Why is Christinen” decided for the German company country championships as a cooperation partner, Carsten Hess know exactly: B2RUN moves people, and that appeals to us. During the runs, employees have the opportunity to promote their health. It knits together and provides for a Boost of motivation in the company. We are pleased to take over the Board for almost half a million expected participants in the nachsten four years.

The valuable minerals and SpurenElemente, in Christinen Premiumgetranken plug, ensure high performance. So, participants can start by properly and give everything for their company. Through this post to be part of the event format makes us proud.” Thomas Brautigam, Member of the Executive Board of the B2RUN GmbH & co. KG, is pleased about the new partnership of expertise: catering all parTICipants in one hand, a good brand and the expertise of a leading beverage manufacturer all know we appreciate. “” We are delighted by the willingness that is Christinen Brunnen of bring Charitykampagne continuously help children “want to connect.” B2RUN will pay 10 cents on an account for donations in the season 2013 per an kilometers. This implies an average 6 km running track and expected 100,000 participants Basic donation of B2RUN amounting to 60,000 euros.