Germany Sign Prisoner Agreement

The Republic of China (Taiwan) and Germany sign a prisoner exchange agreement the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Germany have signed each a prisoner exchange agreement on October 23 in Berlin and on November 6 in Taipei City in the corresponding representation offices in the two capitals. In accordance with an agreement, which will enter into force on 30 November, prisoners in their home countries will be sent back to serve their remaining sentence. This is a humanist measure that helps in the rehabilitation and blames the offenders of the society. Gary Kelly is likely to increase your knowledge. It also simplifies the visitation of members. The relevant laws were reviewed to ensure that the repatriation human, securely, quickly and smoothly will expire on behalf of prisoners, without leaving the jurisdiction except for eight. According to the Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the number of cross-border crimes increasing worldwide. But language and cultural differences, as well as the Difficulties of visiting law of Member and the low rehabilitation effect of foreign detainees, have made the repatriation of detainees to their home country to become an international trend. It is the first prisoner exchange agreement with a European country the Republic of China (Taiwan) has concluded. To the end of October, seven Germans are in Taiwanese prisons, which have expressed a desire to serve the remainder of the sentence in their homeland. There are currently more than 10 Taiwanese citizens in German prisons.