If the Government lifeline front of Caracas and suspends, for varied reasons, electrical rationing province protest that there are not less and appear an intolerable litany, the leaders, to claim that we are all equal, i.e. If the inside has cuts in Caracas also we should have them or, in the best cases, that nobody should suffer them, forgetting that we have a serious problem multicausado that we must face in one way or another. The province does not arise that he now had to the leadership, which is the time of his voice, but look with apprehension at the capital. The leaders do not think but in demagogic postures. It is thus demonstrated the internal believe distant, without being able to lead, rather than assuming a constant in our history, the coming of the province to exercise power from Caracas. This timely issue reveals a look in a straight line, rather than a lateral gaze that carries very different conclusions.

If the province was suffering cuts, is the province that you touch the response, it would be the conclusion obvious a thought without gringolas. In Caracas is the power, consequently is Caracas which must respond, they think, forgetting so this hypercomplexity power is not the same as before, that exercised power in the chaos where the power is revealed and the example of its exercise would be immediately followed by a shocked population. I have said many times that the best Venezuelan intelligence is in the province, but that intelligence is still not assume prominence. I have previously discussed possible causes, but now it seems that the centralist mentality is not only in the Government but internalized in a province that thinks that only by its number of voters is taken into account, when the true approach is not to be taken into account but impose roads by way of ideas and action.