Governments Poverty

The nine million people is equivalent to almost a quarter of the population who had overcome poverty between 2002 and 2008 (41 million people), thanks to increased economic growth, the expansion of social spending, the demographic bonus and distributional improvements, according to the study. But the impact of this crisis would be less than in previous years thanks to the greater willingness of Governments to support monetary and fiscal, and measures to the sustained increase of social spending, although it will force to rethink some social programs. Not the slightest doubt, he says, that the increase in poverty projected for 2009 It will slow down the fulfillment of the first Millennium development goal (eradicate extreme poverty and hunger by 2015): 85% advance recorded the region in this area in 2008 fall to 78% in 2009. Poverty in the region will hit with more force to women and children, while Mexico is the most affected country expected. According to the ECLAC, the poverty indicator is 1.7 times higher than in less than 15 years than in adults (mostly in Argentina, Brazil and Panama) and 1.15 times higher in women than in men (especially in Panama, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic). Exposure to the poverty of women is also higher than that of men in all countries of the region and is notoriously higher in Panama (1.37 times), Costa Rica (1.30), Dominican Republic (1.25), Chile (1.24) and Uruguay (1.21. From here, that will discuss with insistence that; It is urgent to implement long-term policies aimed at children and young people, who are the future engines productive society, and facilitate the employment of women that is follow not perpetuating the cycle of poverty, said the Mexican Alicia Barcena, Executive Secretary of ECLAC. In this regard, ECLAC recommended extending tuition and school coverage of children under the age of five years, extended school days and punish discrimination of women in the labour market, among other measures. Definitely, the 180 million poor people that Latin America has these nine million new poor are joined.For the World Bank, unemployment and the debt refinancing will be the big topics for economies in 2010..